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Zonkerian Medallion (Item)

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The Zonkerian Medallion

by alexburlton



The Zonkerian Medallion is an item obtained through the hidden mission The Zonkerian Medallion, and its effect makes your envelope more responsive to mouse movements in-game (or quicker when using arrow keys). The main benefit of the Medallion is for when you're trying to navigate your way around Spignysos, as it helps to counteract the cooling effect the planet has on your envelope. The only mission that requires you to go to Spignysos is the "Nothing Stops the AR-57" mission, and seeing as this is quite early on in the game it is unlikely that you will have ventured out to Moltear yet. In addition to this, Moltear itself is a difficult planet, so it's probably only worth picking up the Medallion if you're on the way to Moltear (either to pick up the Ambro-X (with Salmeen on board) or to complete the mission "Drilling Ball: OX-Soldier"). The Medallion is still useful in general gameplay, however, and you may end up wanting to fully conquer Spignysos at a later point in the game.



The Zonkerian Medallion can be obtained at any point in the game and it is optional. The three pieces can be found at [-58][30], [-54][40], and [-51][37], and it is important to note that you will not receive any effect until all of the three pieces have been obtained.

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