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Tiboon (Planet)

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Tiboon is a small, mostly mineral deficient planet North East of the origin. Tiboon is a dry desert planet with many ferrous conglomerates. Its levels contain no minerals. This is a fairly easy planet to explore, with its primary benefit being the start of the Salmeen missions.


Landing on Tiboon is easy, it's ground is slightly bumpy but the gravity is incredibly weak allowing the envelope to float down easily even with the weakest of generators. However, there are little to no surface minerals on this planet:


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In-game description

Small-sized, desertic planet. Little mining resources are exploitable.



Location and Size 

The center of Tiboon is located at [8][-11] to [9][-10]. The planet has a diameter of 4 spaces, with 16 spaces total.

The full map can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Tiboon map




The following missions either take place on Tiboon or require a visit:



PID Pieces

The following piece of the PID Map can be found on Tiboon:

A5 @ [10][-12] for 2390 minerals


Full View 

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