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The Syntrogenic Accelerator (Mission)

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 13 years, 2 months ago

The Syntrogenic Accelerator

by Shrodekill


To save many fuel cells, it is very beneficial to complete this mission while also completing Karbonis' Memory (Mission). You are required to circle the entire Karbonis Belt in both cases. Also both missions end at Nalikors, so it is a good idea to plan your route around this.


Mission Image/Text


Hello companion [name]. Some members of Nalikors' Karbonite diaspora explained that their people have been controlling hydrogen synthesis for a long time. Perhaps we shall be able to find a way to produce more liquid hydrogen if we can find information on this technology...

We transferred the positions of 8 asteroids of the Karbonis' belt to your envelope, try to find information by visiting them all.



Mission Clear Text

We finally have all the documents! Get back as soon as possible to Nalikors to get your reward!




How to unlock mission: Complete 20 Free a Prisoner Missions. (You may have to play a level or two after completing 20 Free a Prisoner Missions.)

How to complete mission: Collect the items that fall out of the '?' bricks from 8 specific asteroids. The coordinates for each asteroid are [21][118], [-41][93], [-83][19], [-80][-20], [-36][-84], [103][-73], [134][-21], and [81][102]. 

Reward: Nothing immediately, but afterwards, go to [67][152] (Nalikors, as the clear text states) and retrieve The Syntrogenic Accelerator out of a '?' brick.

Comments (3)

tobster said

at 12:19 pm on Dec 11, 2009

Done the mission right now, but there was not mission clear text. Addes the final coordinates to retrieve the accelerator.

LayzAyzn said

at 3:13 am on Mar 21, 2010

There actually was a Mission Clear Text, but you get it after retrieving all of the Parchments--not after obtaining the Accelerator.

jason said

at 3:59 pm on Sep 2, 2011

Is there no record that you can look at to see which of these you've already gotten? You have to keep track of it manually? I really thought I'd gotten them all, but haven't gotten the clear text yet, and I'm not really keen on going back and checking each of them again.

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