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The Retrofuser (Mission)

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The Retrofuser

by buschaot


Mission Image/Text


Hello to you, prisoner [name]. We prepared your envelope with a Lithium Retrofuser prototype, the CHMK cell's testing department would like to test it with you. In theory, this system should allow you to teleport back to your envelope’s original position as often as you want. In practice, we are not sure that we can perfectly manage your envelope's spatial and temporal stability. To try this new prototype, please go to Doctor Sactus’ residence on Grimorn at [83][-123].


Mission Clear Text

The Retrofuser is yours. To go back to position [0][0], use the return arrow in your interface.



How to unlock mission: Complete 73 Zone Cleanup Missions.

How to complete mission:  Reach the located coordinates [83][-123] and land there to get the Retrofuser.

Reward:  You obtain the Lithium Retrofuser -- an item that allows you to teleport back to the origin, [0][0], whenever you desire.

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alch3mist said

at 8:36 am on Aug 3, 2009

Mission clear txt, picture, How to clear mission and Reward added.

rock on~

LayzAyzn said

at 12:15 am on Nov 14, 2009

Seems that the mission clear picture has expired; I edited it out.

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