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The Pink Crystal! (Mission)

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The Pink Crystal! 


Mission Image/Text

Hello prisoner [name], the new CHMK study cell found an extremely rare crystal with destructive power twice as strong as the AR-57's. A small modification to your actual synthesis engine will allow you to mine sectors in a few shots only. We need 5 pink crystals to synthesize this missile. The first sample we found is located at [310][-50], there are probably others in that area...


Mission Clear Text

Congratulations prisoner [name]! The AR-SRX missile data was successfully transferred to your envelope.




How to unlock mission: Complete 87 Zone Cleanup Missions.

How to complete mission:  Collect the five pink crystals () located at [281][-76], [284][-15], [303][-60], [340][-112] and [350][-44].

Reward:  Your missiles are upgraded to the AR-SRX (), the most powerful missile available.

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JohnAtMC said

at 1:29 am on Nov 9, 2009

I added the number of cleanups required to unlock this mission. (I got the number from http://www.gaia-qg.info/Missions_ESCorp.)

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