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The Genemill (Mission)

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The Genemill

by Mithy


This time, ESCorp will send you for a lost army-created power generator on open-space coordinates between planets Soupaline, Lycans, Karbonis and Tiboon.


Mission Image/Text

An important generator prototype has been lost by the army over 50 years ago in area [11][-1]. The Genemill can provide enough energy to cover the needs of an entire planet, we would like to find it in order to study how it works.


Mission Clear Text

Well done, prisoner [name]! We have just received the Genemill. A broad study will surely help us imagine future equipment for your envelope.



How to unlock mission: Complete the Red Lycans mission.

How to complete mission: Collect the Genemill from [11][-1].

Reward: The mission Nothing Stops the AR-57 is unlocked and the Genemill appears on your page.

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