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The FURI (Mission)

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The FURI (Mission)

by Lavos


The FURI is a mission given to interstellar fugitives who have investigated the mysterious signal given in the mission Life Signs. After completing this mission, the player will officially become a member of FURI.



Mission Image/Text

Companion [name], if you would like to join our active movement and to fight the ESCorp from now on, make contact with our missions' office which is on Nalikors' surface at [64][154]. 


Mission Clear Text

Thank you. With your precious help, we hope to clear out the Zonkerian System from the ESCorp's yoke.



How to unlock mission: Complete Life Signs and clear a level on Nalikors.

How to complete mission: Land on [64][154] and talk to Kefrid Shelfis.

Reward: You officially join the FURI.



A video of its completion

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