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The Fight (Mission)

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 13 years, 3 months ago

The Fight

by kubatovicsf


Mission Image/Text

The Fight

Prisoner [name], as you already know, an extremist alien group is blocking us in our activities in this sector. We need your help to defend the ESCorp’s interests if you ever see a member of this organisation. We transfered 20 SHC to your envelope to help you in this mission. You will receive 5 more SHC for every member you find.


Mission Clear Text

[There may not be a Mission Clear Text for this mission, as it may not have been intended that there be an end to it]



How to unlock mission: Complete 63 Zone Cleanup Missions.

Reward: 20 Solid Hydrogen Capsules after unlocking the mission, and 5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules more for each discovered FURI supporter that you reject.



The list of each planet's surface-coordinates where you can find FURI supporters can be found on this page.

Comments (10)

ferenck said

at 11:53 pm on Jan 4, 2009

The list of FURI supporters is far from complete. I'll add more as I find them. You can also go to GAIA/Planet descriptions for coordinates of FURI supporters.

Kubi718 said

at 10:06 pm on Jan 5, 2009

And to MineMap... I will later fill it a bit.

Kubi718 said

at 5:47 pm on Feb 21, 2009

Slightly refilled and changed the list of rebels.

alexburlton said

at 2:41 am on Feb 22, 2009

Corrected a small mistake - 63 cleanups are required not 62. I remember being misled this way too until i actually got there as i think GAIA or something mistakenly says 62... but it was definitely 63 for me.

ferenck said

at 8:28 pm on Feb 22, 2009

Added a few coordinates and separated the groups with blank lines.

ferenck said

at 10:36 am on Mar 26, 2009

Hi buschaot,
Are you sure that there is no FURI/ESCorp supporter at [ -85, -106 ] on Douriv? According to GAIA and my notes there was one, but it could be a mistake.

Actually, I would rather keep it in the list (and mark it with unconfirmed or similar) until it is confirmed by others, because it is not a big loss if you land on this coordinate. On the other hand it there is a supporter there and a player misses it, it could be very annoying to find it later (when he/she completed the list and the mission is still not completed)

dor1997 said

at 6:15 pm on Apr 14, 2009

Shouldn't the "CHS"s in the mission text be "SHC"???
If yes, just correct it... ;-)

alch3mist said

at 7:08 am on Aug 13, 2009

Nalikors added

alch3mist said

at 5:59 am on Aug 14, 2009

All of the coordinates added according to the G.A.I.A. website. Please add more if you find them. Pictures of the planets added for kicks and giggles.

rock on~

LayzAyzn said

at 2:35 am on Nov 23, 2009

I moved the list over to this page -- http://alphabounce.pbworks.com/FURI-Supporters -- seeing as FURI members and Interstellar Fugitives also benefited from this information. I also formatted the list added the rewards for each coordinates.

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