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Terre (Planet)

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Planet Terre  

By LayzAyzn


Terre is the representation of Earth, which makes sense, as the word 'terre' in French can be interpreted as Earth. Terre's location is unique to each traveler, and its location can be found by collecting all of the pieces of the PID Map.


Upon landing on Terre, you will have two options.


  • Go back in outer space (aka continuing in Normal Mode).
    • You will be returned to the origin [0][0].
      • It is suggested that you play all of Terre's levels before landing if you are going to choose this option, as Terre's levels are very abundant in minerals.
    • Your generator and radar will get a permanent boost, one each.
    • Terre will appear as completely explored on your profile, even if you did not actually do so.
    • If you return to Terre again, you will again have the option of continuing in Normal Mode or starting completely over in Nightmare Mode. However, if you choose to remain in Normal Mode, you will not get another generator & radar boost. Thus, there is not much point in returning to Terre.


  • Have a peaceful life (aka start completely over in Nightmare Mode).
    • You will be returned the origin, [0][0].
    • All of your previous work will be undone. Your missions, items, upgrades, and minerals will all be lost. This includes the loss of the extra envelope acquired from the Interstellar Bank, if you are in possession of it.
      • It is suggested that that you use all of your minerals and purchase as many Solid Hydrogen Capsules as possible before landing if you are going to choose this option, as they will carry over, yet your minerals will not.
    • Choosing this option rewards you with 100 Solid Hydrogen Capsules (in addition to any SHC you may already have).
    • The game will be considerably harder.
      • Your drilling ball will move faster.
      • There is no Ambro-X in this mode, thus leaving you with a weaker radar.
      • Your drones work three times slower than they do in Normal Mode.
      • You will not be able to purchase the extra envelope Merchants sell.
      • You will not be able to obtain an extra envelope from the Interstellar Bank if you had already purchased one in Normal Mode.
      • You will be able to find and purchase all of the PID Map pieces once more. However, they will give you the same coordinates that they did the first time, and upon traveling to those coordinates, you will find that Terre is not there anymore, and thus you will not be able to acquire the upgrades it once offered (nor is there a further 'Nightmare Mode').
      • It is rumored that costs at merchants are higher than normal mode. This is not true.
    • Your universe will become more purple.
    • Nightmare Mode travelers have their own special Rankings list called the 'Maximum Security Units'.
    • Whereas this option can still be chosen should you choose the above, once you have chosen this option, it cannot be undone and you will forever stay in Nightmare Mode.


After you make your choice, regardless of which you chose, your background image will change to this, and this image [] will be added to your rank on the Rankings list.


In-game description




The planet has a diameter of 6 sectors, and is comprised of 32 levels.

A general exploration map (Each player has their own unique levels of Terre) of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Terre map


Full scaled view



Text and Video

Upon landing on Terre, the following text will scroll onto the screen.


After a few months of travelling through the universe, you are back on Earth.

Your revelations about the ESCorp's way of doing things have provoked a scandal throughout the media.

You are now free to live as you wish...


What are you going to do?


Have a peaceful life

The ESCorp will take back your envelope and all your upgrades.

Your current progression will be lost.

This option allows you to unlock Alphabounce's difficult mode.


Go back in outer space

You will be immediately transferred to your envelope's origin point with all your current upgrades.

Your radar and engine strength will be permanently upgraded by one unit.



This video depicts the planet Terre, landing on Terre (while in Normal Mode), being presented with the choice between the modes, and selecting Nightmare Mode.

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