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Spy (Mission)

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by alexburlton


This is the first dedicated ESCorp mission you receive.


Mission Image/Text


We have discovered the position of the planet Nalikors, where most of the F.U.R.I. rebels have gathered. We need aerial views of this planet located around [64][154] to understand more about their organisation. For this mission, the ESCorp authorizes you to cross Karbonis’ belt, if you succeed in this mission, the ESCorp will offer you a 1500 minerals as a bonus.


Mission Clear Text

Thank you prisoner [name], 1500 minerals were transferred to your envelope just now. The ESCorp has confidence in you, you can now officially travel out of the prescribed boundaries without any fear of retaliation.



How to unlock mission: Complete 52 Zone Cleanup Missions.

How to complete mission: Complete all 52 sectors of Nalikors.

Reward: 1500 minerals and the 'official permission' to cross the Karbonis Belt, though you can do so anyway as soon as you have completed 52 cleanups.

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