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Spacesuit (Item)

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The Spacesuit 

By MrNoHelp



The spacesuit is an Item that can be collected while traveling through the galaxy. The spacesuit can only be acquired by a fulfilling one of the following two missions: "The Space Suit" & "Gregune's Spacesuit". (It is actually possible to have both Spacesuit Missions unlocked, but even if you complete both, you will still only have one Spacesuit, and there is no difference between either one.)


When an envelope has the ability to land (i.e. has a surface engine and landing pods), the prisoner can still only leave the envelope on a planet with breathable air, for example Soupaline and Cilorile. This item allows the prisoner to explore the surface of almost all planets regardless of whether or not the planet has a breathable air. 


The spacesuit in action


To use the spacesuit:

Click where you want to go to walk there.

Click on your prisoner to jump, then click left or right to jump in that direction.

While in the air, click yourself again to activate the jet pack. Useful to fly over buildings, like walking but in air.


(Be careful about navigating too close to two edges on the left and right side of the map, as it is possible to get trapped in a corner. If you do become trapped, there is no way to escape. You would only be able to do is refresh, causing you to lose any Minerals you may have obtained on the surface, and any progress with any aliens you may have spoken to.)

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