Soupaline (Planet)

Planet Soupaline     

By Joozey


Soupaline is a planet 6 areas northwest from the origin point. Its atmosphere is terran and breathable. This is one of a number of planets that allows you to leave your envelope once you have landed, without the aid of the Spacesuit. Its size is small compared to the other planets. It has a high concentration of purple regenerating bricks. Gameplay in Soupaline is classified as easy and it's a perfect place for starters.


Landing on Soupaline is relatively easy, the gravity is not very strong and the surface is relatively flat. There are not many minerals to be harvested by landing on Soupaline though; just a few transport missions:


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In-game description

Planet having similar characteristics to the Earth's. A standard terraformation procedure has recently been launched by ESCorp in order to set up a drilling colony in the near future.




The center of Soupaline is located at [-8][0] to [-7][1]. The planet has a diameter of 4 sectors, and is comprised of 16 levels.

A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Soupaline map 




The following missions either take place on Soupaline or require a visit:



FURI Supporters

The following table lists the details of any FURI Supporters that can be found on Soupaline.


Coordinates Reward for FURI/Interstellar Fugitives
[-6][0] 4 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


PID Pieces

The following piece of the PID Map can be found on Soupaline: 

E3 @ [-8][1] for 3127 minerals



Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Soupaline can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[-9][1] Douriv 1133 11 faction split, 169 sectors
[-8][-1] Moltear 329   70 sectors
[-7][1] [-90][86] 680   faction split, 168 sectors



Full scaled view