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Saumir's Twinner (Item)

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Saumir's Twinner


Saumir's Twinner is an Item that can be attained while traveling through the galaxy. This upgrade generates 2 balls at the start of each of your envelopes, similar to the effect of a [N]ew Ball powerup.


This item is acquired by completing the mission Holovan Land of Peace. (Unlocked by completing 5 Free a Prisoner missions in FURI).  Holovan Land of Peace is completed by exploring 100% of Holovan and visiting the spokesperson at the given coordinates.


The inventory text reads:

During the synthesis of your first drilling ball, the twinner is activated and duplicates the ball.

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Deviceing said

at 6:55 pm on May 27, 2009

I tried to add a picture but it didn't work.
I gave the URL through tinypic.com - what does everyone else use to upload pictures?

LayzAyzn said

at 9:28 am on Sep 25, 2009

tinypic.com should work -- as well as imageshack.us

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