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Salmeen the Mechanic: Step 2 (Mission)

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Salmeen the Mechanic: Step 2

by alexburlton


Mission Image/Text

Now that you can fly over planets, you need to be able to land on them. Salmeen can try to build landing pods by dismantling one of your emergency envelopes. It's a big sacrifice, but shouldn't it be worth it?

If you decide to sacrifice one of your emergency envelopes to allow for this modification, go to the shop located to the west of Soupaline, at [-12][-1].


Mission Clear Text

By dismantling one of your emergency envelopes, Salmeen managed to add landing pods to your envelope. Try them out and go for a walk on Soupaline! Be careful when landing, pick a cleared zone and try to be gentle!



How to unlock mission: Complete the "Salmeen the Mechanic: Step 1" mission.

How to complete mission: Go to the merchant at [-12][-1] and purchase the landing pods there. [The landing pods do not cost any Minerals. The only cost is that you give up an emergency envelope (an extra life).]

Reward: You may now land on planets with breathable air (e.g. Soupaline or Cilorile), allowing you to gather minerals on the surface as well as carry out many actions with aliens you may find there.



This mission is technically optional, but later missions require you to be able to land, so you will have to eventually complete this mission if you plan on acquiring other upgrades. It is advised to wait until after the "Invasion" mission before giving up that extra life because Balixt is considered a very difficult planet.

To land on planets without breathable air, you will have to acquire a Spacesuit.

You need to have finished this and Ambro-X to unlock Khorlan: Salmeen's Planet (Mission).

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