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Salmeen (Mission)

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by alexburlton


Salmeen is one of the most essential NPCs that a prisoner will encounter in the galaxy. His mechanical skills and knowledge will help you in his journey through the galaxy.


Finding Salmeen is considered a hidden mission. The first traces of Salmeen are found after finding the mysterious ruins on Tiboon (it will unlock the mission Life on Tiboon? )


Mission Image/Text

After several weeks, you manage to understand the language spoken by Tiboon's inhabitant. He tells you his name is Salmeen, and even if you can't understand what reason he was on Tiboon for, he seems very interested in your journey. His presence will be useful to find your way through the universe. To help you go on your trip, he offers you 10 SHC.




How to complete mission: Complete Life on Tiboon? first. You will then encounter Salmeen after venturing a bit of distance away from Tiboon.

Reward: 10 SHC, and also unlocks Salmeen the Mechanic: Step 1. If you take Salmeen with you to Moltear, you will be able to obtain the Ambro-X.

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MrNoHelp said

at 2:59 pm on Jun 1, 2008

I guess "help you in his journey" is better than "help him in his journey" in the second case. It sounds that he is traveling alone

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