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Rock Samples

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Rock Samples



The rock samples are collected at [3][16] and [-9][39] and are needed to complete the Nothing Stops the AR-57 mission. When both are collected, your missiles are upgraded to the AR-57 missile. It takes two levels off of ferrous conglomerates, so a maximum-thickness conglomerate would need two AR-57 missiles to strike it for it to be destroyed.


(The AR-57 missile's description: Its explosive power allows it to destroy up to 9 bricks in only one shot.)

If it was to fire at ^, it would destroy the Xs in this diagram:





Gaps with no bricks/destroyed bricks count as 'Xs'. The underscore represents an empty space. The AR-57 missile cannot destroy steel bricks.


The item description of the rock samples, or, Fusion, is:

The chemical reaction that occurs when you bring the samples together allows you to synthesize AR-57 missiles.

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