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Red Lycans (Mission)

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Red Lycans

by alexburlton


Mission Image/Text

We have detected an explosion in Lycans' atmosphere. It looks like a non-human ship has recently crashed on the planet's surface. ESCorp's laboratories are very interested in retrieving the debris of the vessel.

Luckily, you are very close to Lycans. The mission is simple, but be careful because the planet has a high level of volcanic activity. Help us collect the 7 debris parts marked on your map, and we will upload a permanent extension program to your envelope.


Mission Clear Text

Well done, prisoner [name]. Thanks to your help, ESCorp laboratories will be able to find important information. The extension program has just been transferred, as promised, near your origin area [-1][0].



How to unlock mission:  Complete the Distress Call Mission. 

How to complete mission: First, collect all 7 debris parts (in any order that you desire)Red Lycans (Mission) Red Lycans (Mission) . Their locations/names are listed below:

Name of Piece
Strange Debris
Odd Debris
Small Debris
Great Debris
Harmless Debris
Shocking Debris
Sharp Debris

After you've collected all seven pieces, go to [-1][0] to acquire the extension.

Reward: A permanent extension to your envelope.



A common misconception is that by going past the Karbonis Belt early (before doing 52 ESCorp Zone Cleanups), you will lose the extension given to you from this mission. This is incorrect. Whether you stay with ESCorp or become an Interstellar Fugitive (and possibly eventually a FURI member), you will not lose the extension from this mission.

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