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By LayzAyzn 


Ranks can refer to two things.


The first being your position on the ranking list. It is determined by the number of sectors you have explored (successfully completed). In the event that more than one person has the same exploration count, the player who reached the exploration count first will have the 'better' ranking (lower Rank #).

Also, Maximum Security Units have a separate ranking list.


The second being the emblem next to your name.

  • For ESCorp members, the number of cleanup missions completed is what is used to determine your Rank. The stripes, stars, and color beside your name symbolize how many cleanup missions you have completed.
  • For FURI members, the number of prisoners freed is what is used to determine your Rank. The details and color beside your name symbolize how many prisoners you have freed.
  • Interstellar Fugitives are left without an emblem, even though they are still accounted for in the ranking lists.


The table for each rank's numerical requirement is listed below.

(The images have been put onto a black background for easier viewing)

  ESCorp FURI # of Zone Cleanups or Prisoners Freed Required
Rank 1 1
Rank 2 3
Rank 3 6
Rank 4 10
Rank 5 20
Rank 6 40
Rank 7 70
Rank 8 100
Rank 9 200
Rank 10 500
Rank 11


Rank 12 To Be Determined (Possibly 2000?)


Comments (2)

JohnAtMC said

at 3:47 am on Apr 12, 2010

I confirmed the requirement for rank 11, based on dikke's rank. Dikke's "My Page" is at http://www.alphabounce.com/user/276223

(Comment posted when dikke had freed exactly 1000 prisoners.)

Kubi718 said

at 10:15 pm on Jul 28, 2010

Check http://www.alphabounce.com/img/icons/rank_12.gif and http://www.alphabounce.com/img/icons/rank_furi_12.gif - try changing the numbers. The ranks are only up to 12.

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