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Planet Exploration

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By MrNoHelp


There are 22 planets in the Alphabounce galaxy. Each planet has its own characteristics and difficulty. When a prisoner explores and clears planetary sectors, it is displayed in their My Page. When the prisoner hovers their mouse over the explored planet it would show a pop-up box "Planet under exploration" and a percentage that represents the number of cleared sectors out of the cumulative. For instance, Soupaline has 16 sectors, if the prisoners clears 4 sectors, it would display 25%. However, if the planet is extremely large, clearing a few sectors does not represent significant percentage, it will only show that it is under exploration.


The exploration hover message




Few sectors explored


Partially explored


Fully explored

(Note: The planet will appear as fully explored if you have completed 99.5% of the planet. This percentage can only be attained on the 3 largest planets: Lycans, Volcer, and Samosa)


When the prisoner manages to fully explore a planet, a brief synopsis of the planet is displayed instead of the message "Planet under exploration"



Planet synopsis of the planet Spignysos


Planet exploration is optional, however, there are a few missions that requires some planets to be fully explored.



All planets explored


The Missing Planet

There used to be a 23rd planet, Karbonis, but that can no longer be explored due to its core implosion which led to the formation of the Karbonis Belt. You may find that some travelers have explored Karbonis -- this is because they explored Karbonis before its implosion.


Explorable planets

These are the planets that can be explored in the galaxy:


























If a prisoner have proper envelope, he/she can land on planets, however, landing is not necessary for complete exploration of a planet.

Comments (4)

Mithy said

at 9:08 pm on May 9, 2008

Don't f*ck with those aligned images.

Big Knight said

at 3:54 am on Dec 7, 2009

OK. I just looked at a profile of a player that has Karbonis shown in his Planet Exploration Map! How can that be? Check it out for yourself. He is ALEX2MONAC, currently ranked 75. Rankings that low do not change very fast or often. So he could have moved a couple of ranks if someone check a while from now. I took a screen shot.

Big Knight said

at 3:57 am on Dec 7, 2009

JUst saw another one with Karbonis, MICMAC59, ranked 4th.

decisa said

at 5:40 am on Dec 7, 2009

as far as I know Karbonis was an explorable planet once, but exploded after some update, creating a Karbonis belt

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