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On the Way to Balixt (Mission)

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On the Way to Balixt

by nukedoom


This is a mission that requires you to go to the planet Balixt


Mission Image/Text

Traces of extra-terrestrial civilization have been detected near area [-9][-44]. This is a priceless chance for you to know where you are in the universe, and to find your way towards the Earth.


Mission Clear Text

You are approaching Balixt. The planet's surroundings appear to be stuffed with reducines, which are small sentinels located on some conglomerates. Be careful and avoid their beams or your envelope will be reduced until the end of the mission.



How to unlock mission: Complete Nothing Stops the AR-57 (Mission).

How to complete mission: Get in proximity to the planet Balixt.

Reward: Unlocking the Invasion mission.



The mission after this one requires you to fully take over Balixt, and so it is not worth you venturing out here until you are fully prepared for this. Good preparation would include at least one drone, and volt/glacial capsules to help on the most tricky levels. MAS-Z missiles and the sunglasses have also been found to help.

Comments (1)

ZeekLTK said

at 3:12 am on Oct 28, 2008

"How to complete mission: Get near to the planet Balixt (more detail needed)"

I am doing this now... I just got to [2][-41] and it gave me the "Invasion" mission. I am 7 spots away from the planet ([-5][-41]), directly to the east.

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