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Nothing Stops the AR-57 (Mission)

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Nothing Stops the AR-57

By Mithy


Mission Image/Text

The CHMK study unit wishes to take a look at rock samples from the planets Lycans [3][16] and Spignysos [-39][-9]. Bring back a sample of each of these grounds and the ESCorp will allow you to test, as a preview, the synthesis of its explosive AR-57 missile.


Mission Clear Text

Well done. The data obtained from studies on the AR-57 has been transferred to your envelope and the rocks collected from Lycans and Spignysos will allow you to synthesize more destructive missiles from now on.



How to unlock mission: Complete The Genemill.

How to complete mission: Collect the two samples from [3][16] and [-39][-9].

Reward: Your missiles are upgraded to the AR-57 model (), more information at the missiles page.




Special Strategy

There is a special strategy to easily obtain the Spignysos rock without messing much with the planet:


You have to go around Spignysos so you can get to [-39][-7] without any previous contact with the planet. Go there. On these coordinates, break the orange molecule () and drop the ball. Don't launch the next ball! Just wait until the orange molecule destroys all the bricks in the level. Than go to the mission coordinates [-39][-9], collect the rock and purposefully lose the level. It will then be easy to escape Spignysos.

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