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Moltear (Planet)

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Planet Moltear  

By Joozey


Moltear is a planet southwest of the origin point. The surface mainly consists of rock. Moltear is a large planet, and it used to be the planet of the Zonkerian race. Parts of ruins are still visible at the southern hemisphere. Moltear has a high density of molecular parasite activity, but gameplay on Moltear is still considered average. The OX-Soldier Ball is found on this planet, helping to counter the molecules effectively. Sunglasses may come in handy too every now and then.


Moltear has several mineral rich locations, as well as PID pieces and surface merchants, so it is well worth landing here. The gravity is fairly strong but easily manageable even without any upgrades to landing pods or surface engine:


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In-game description

Rocky planet with a high molecular parasite activity.Old Zonkerian colony, many ruins can be seen in the southern hemisphere.



The center of Moltear is located at [-56][33] to [-55][34]. The planet has a diameter of 14 sectors, and is comprised of 164 levels.

A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Moltear map




The following missions either take place on Moltear or require a visit:




FURI Supporters

The following table lists the details of any FURI Supporters that can be found on Moltear.


Coordinates Reward for FURI/Interstellar Fugitives
[-61][32] 24 Minerals 
[-55][31] 152 Minerals 
[-53][37] 155 Minerals 


PID Pieces

The following pieces of the PID Map can be found on Moltear:

C1 @ [-59][34] for 1513 minerals

C4 @ [-51][36] for 2320 minerals 



Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Moltear can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[-61][35] [126][114]   15 faction split, 266 sectors
[-60][31] [-129][-124] 2015
faction split, 224 sectors
[-60][36] Douriv 1794 10 faction split, 153 sectors
[-59][38] Soupaline 364
86 sectors
[-58][28] [27][-86] 2166 11 199 sectors
[-58][36] [95][132] 1989   faction split, 249 sectors
[-56][40] Douriv 2130
faction split, 161 sectors
[-54][33] [133][-34] 930 2 faction split, 254 sectors
[-53][38] [116][-146] 0 0 faction split, 353 sectors
[-52][38] Soupaline 314   79 sectors
[-49][35] Cilorile 2159   178 sectors


[-60][36] and [-56][40] both want to go to Douriv.

[-59][38] and [-52][38] both want to go to Soupaline.



Full scaled view

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