by Lavos


Missions are objectives given to players to clear, and make up most of the gameplay outside of the brickbreaker itself. They can be assigned by your faction, or just appear because of certain circumstances. The following is a list of missions in the game.


Note that this is not yet complete.




(The following missions can only be completed after the hidden mission 'Emergency Envelopes Sent Back'.) 

(The following missions can be only be completed after the faction split)


Salmeen's Missions

(These missions deal with the alien Salmeen and will be your route to getting a Spacesuit)


Committed ESCorp

(These missions are given only to ESCorp members who have proven their loyalty by completing 52 cleanup missions)



Interstellar Fugitives

(These missions are given only to interstellar fugitives)



(These missions are given only to FURI members)



(These missions do not fit into any of the above categories)