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Missiles (Item)

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By alexburlton 



Basic Description

Missiles are collected throughout the game and one can be launched by holding down the SPACE BAR. There are 43 missiles available in the game. Three of these can be bought from merchants; the rest are found in the universe. Finding missiles is easier with the aid of the Missile Map or third-party information.


Missile Map          

This Map marks, on your current area of sight, any abandoned missiles that you have not yet attained. It may be argued that the Missile Map has limited use, as 40 of the 46 Abandoned Missile possible have already been documented. And without having found the rest of them, it is unsure as to whether or not they have even been inserted into the game yet. However, having the Missile Map largely increases the chance that one of the last remaining Missiles will be found.


Collecting abandoned missiles will refill all of your missiles and increase your missile capacity by 1 (the refill happens after the level is completed, so you can feel free to unload all remaining missiles on the level. Just be sure not to let the missile pass by you!). The Missile Map can be bought from the surface merchant on Douriv at [-84][-96] for 1032. It also can be bought closer to origin at [-79][-37] for 1158 minerals or [44][55] for 1193 minerals (this is very close to one of the antimatter nuclei parts so it may be worth picking it up while you're there).




Holding down the space bar causes the envelope to turn on its side and launch a missile. The missile will travel straight upward and will explode on contact with the first brick it hits. Whilst your envelope is turning and firing you cannot catch the ball so you must be careful when timing your missile launch. Note that if you have AR-57 missiles or better, a missile striking the top of the screen will still explode and damage nearby bricks.



Missile Types

There are four types of missile available in alphabounce, each one getting progressively better:


  • Standard Missile 

Received upon completing the mission "Abandoned Missile". This missile is red in colour and will destroy one regular brick. In the case of  ferrous conglomerates or other bricks  which take multiple hits, it will count as one hit.


  • AR-57 Missile     

Received upon completing the mission "Nothing stops the AR-57". This missile is blue in colour and will destroy a 3x3 area. This missile still cannot destroy steel bricks and will still deal regular damage to ferrous conglomerates.


  • MAS-Z Missile    

Received upon completing the mission "MAS-Z and Antimatter". This missile is black in colour and, whilst retaining the destructive powers and range of the AR-57 missile, adds the ability to destroy any brick with one hit. This means ferrous conglomerates, no matter their thickness, will be instantly destroyed by this missile. Steel bricks and sentinels will also be destroyed.


  • AR-SRX Missile  

Received upon completing the mission "The Pink Crystal!". This missile is purple in colour and is only available to players who choose to stick with ESCorp. This missile retains the power of the MAS-Z missile, but increased power allows it to destroy a 5x5 area in one shot.



Associated Upgrades

There are three generic upgrades that contribute to your missile-firing capabilities, all of which are bought from merchants: 


Side Reactors 


Increase the speed at which your envelope rotates when firing missiles, thus reducing the risk of missing the ball.

Liquid Cooler 

Increases the rate at which missiles are fired, so holding down the space bar means missiles can be fired rapidly. CAUTION: Sometimes 2 missiles can be accidentally fired if you hold the space bar down too long!

Perpetual Synthesis Motor



Generates a new missile in your arsenal every time you reach a new square - handy when you're running low on missiles.



Refilling your missile capacity

Your missile capacity can be replenished via one of five ways:


  • Merchants offer a non-negotiable complete refill of your missile capacity, at 1 mineral per missile.


  • [P] Powerup is dropped occasionally in some levels, again refilling missile capacity completely. They are deemed so helpful that they can be found on many of the third-party maps which show the levels that may contain them. 


  • Missile bricks: Sometimes, missiles can be found in special missile-bricks. These drop a missile during a level, filling your missile capacity by one. 


  • Perpetual Synthesis Motor mentioned above. 


  • Collecting an abandoned missile: This will refill all of your missiles and increase you missile capacity by 1.



Missile Location

The following table lists each missile, the number that corresponds to it, and its coordinates. (The number is just for classification; it is not to suggest which order you should or is needed to acquire the missiles in.)


Missile# Coordinates Missile# Coordinates
1 [-1][-2] 24 [166][21]
2 [-8][-1] 25 [-101][151]
3 [8][-2] 26 [174][-94]
4 [5][8] 27 [147][155]
5 [-10][-5] 28 [-2][-231]
6 [14][1] 29 [-154][195]
7 [4][16] 30 [-33][-264]
8 [-17][11] 31 [282][40]
9 [13][-21] 32 [-297][66]
10 [16][25] 33 [259][-195]
11 [-34][-7] 34 [-158][307]
12 [39][-14] 35 [-354][-93]
13 [-38][29] 36 [380][-79]
14 [-33][-45] 37 [-344][225]
15 [54][35] 38 [-344][-265]
16 [-21][-70] 39 [182][-420]
17 [-20][80] 40 [-10][483]
18 [56][-74] 41  
19 [72][74] 42  
20 [-29][111] 43  
21 [-109][-65] 44  
22 [131][48] 45  
23 [-58][-142] 46  


If you come upon a missile that has not been filled in, comment with the missile's coordinates (and its number if you remember it) and we will include it. 

Comments (6)

Big Knight said

at 3:01 am on Nov 23, 2009

Hey LayzAyzn, your doing a great job adding and editing to the pages.

I have 2 additional missile sites listed in my database. I can not confirm the accuracy of them since I only recently started tracking when I got a new missile. Coords are [-21][70] and [-282][40]. No idea of missile number. Can anyone confirm these locations.

LayzAyzn said

at 3:18 am on Nov 23, 2009

Neither of those are listed.

However, Missile #16 has its coordinates at [-21][-70] and Missile #31 has its coordinates at [282][40], so perhaps respectively forgot and added an extra negative sign.

Big Knight said

at 4:15 am on Nov 23, 2009

That could be the case. I was concerned with the [-282][40] coordinates. Someday I will visit that area to see if I see anything. Of course, if there was a missile there, I could have picked it up already.

Steror said

at 3:55 pm on Oct 22, 2010

Does anybody know what missile map does? There's nothing about it.

LayzAyzn said

at 4:52 pm on Oct 22, 2010

Added in requested information.

Steror said

at 4:50 pm on Dec 2, 2011

Hey people, I've got one thing to ask, if there are 3 missiles that are sold, why none of them are added to the list of missiles?

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