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MAS-Z and Antimatter (Mission)

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MAS-Z and Antimatter

by alexburlton


Mission Image/Text

ESCorp has finalized the biggest antimatter reactor ever built. Each miner who can provide us with 4 antimatter nuclei will receive a permanent program that will upgrade their missiles to the new MAS-Z model. This model can instantly destroy any kind of conglomerate...


Mission Clear Text

Thank you, prisoner [name]. The MAS-Z missile's model has just been transferred to your envelope. From now on, there will be no type of conglomerate which you can't drill.



How to unlock mission: Complete the "Drilling Ball: OX-Soldier" mission.

How to complete mission: Collect the four antimatter nuclei, which are located at [-30][42], [18][-40], [30][61], and [35][-28].

Reward: Your missiles are upgraded to the MAS-Z model (). They retain the range of the AR-57, but can destroy any type of brick (or molecule that is floating around) instantly.



The locations of the Antimatter Nuclei are only revealed to you in-game at certain landing sites. There are various ETs at different landing sites who tell you where the four nuclei are. Landing is expensive (it costs a hydrogen capsule every time you land on a square), and also very hit-and-miss with most planets being very large. As if that wasn't enough, many of the ETs who have been logged are on planets outside the Karbonis Belt, and so, for people who are planning to stick with the ESCorp, this delays collecting the Antimatter Nuclei a LOT. All of these factors combined, unforunately, means that it's nearly impossible to find the Antimatter Nuclei without using a spoiler of some kind, as finding these people is almost as unlikely as finding the Nuclei themselves. For those who are interested, the known ETs are located at:


Balixt Surface [-10][-40]: Tells you that there is one at [35][-28]

Lycans Surface [-1][9]: Tells you that there is one at [35][-28]

Moltear Surface [-59][39]: Tells you that there is one at [30][61]

Khorlan Surface [179][-196]: Tells you that there is one at [30][61]

Volcer Surface [-298][-154]: Tells you that there is one at [30][61]

Samosa Surface [406][101]: Tells you that there is one at [18][-40]

Volcer Surface [-298][-146]: Tells you that there is one at [18][-40]

Douriv Surface [-82][-100]: Tells you that there is one at [-30][42]


It is probably worth trying to collect the Antimatter Nuclei gradually when you're on your way to places. One example of this would be to collect the Spacesuit from Cilorile, and then head to Balixt for the "Invasion" mission. On the way, you could collect two of the antimatter nuclei without having to divert your course much.

Comments (2)

jason said

at 10:43 pm on Jun 30, 2011

There doesn't seem to be any mention here of whether you can actually collect the antimatter nuclei prior to unlocking the mission. If someone would like to weigh in, I'm interested, otherwise I'll be passing by one soon and will find out for myself.

jason said

at 4:01 pm on Sep 2, 2011

For the record, the antimatter nuclei are not available in those stages before unlocking the mission. This is what I expected, but I figured it was worth checking just to be sure.

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