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Alphabounce Maps 

By Joozey



Infinite Galaxy?

Alphabounce takes place in a huge universe with seemingly infinite levels full of planets, missions and items. But how to find your way in such a vast place? You won't always receive the exact destination coördinates from your mission objectives, and hopelessly wandering around searching for the right spot by luck could waste a lot of your precious hydrogen capsules, your patience and your good mood.



Navigation Tools

The Maps

Fortunately, there are several experienced prisoners in Alphabounce that bundled their forces and started to explore and map the galaxy for other players. This resulted into several maps full of valuable information. Of course, it is nearly impossible to have a fully completed map and you may still find items, merchants or even whole planets not located at the maps, but they remain great, even indispensable, navigation tools.



  • Alphabounce map - Not sure who made this, but it has a lot of inormation and very well laid out with lots of tools.


  • ABMap (currently offline) 

ABMap is one of the most extensive maps where you can zoom, move and view detail information of objects and planets when you hover the mouse over them. It requires a flashplayer and takes a fairly long time to load. 


This is a very global look of the map. It contains simple information about merchants, P- and K- capsules. There are also information about missions that are scattered in the whole universe ("Star Dust", "Antimatter") Finally it provides a little tool to find the cheapest (known) shop for a specific item and a view of the current exploration of » The Map «. It shows the universe from -600 to 600 in BOTH directions.

This is a new map that actually has multiple pages and development tools for everyone to use. Anyone who has the ABScreenMaker or can print-screen levels can submit the screenshot to this page, and it will update the page automatically with the information they have submitted. This contains many of the same features of Moneymaker1's MineMap -- the main difference being that this map also includes Kamikaze powerup locations as well. This tool is still in development, and its thread in the forums is found here.


This map contains a lot of information (screenshots, minerals, P bonuses, etc.) on over 100.000 levels entered by players. Most mission objects are reported, as well as many P & K bonuses and all shops from MacLambert and lwxtz2004's shop file. You can view planets separately, or, on the main page, browse Alphabounce's universe looking for the richest levels. Most handy when you are forced to enter a difficult planet and want to know what areas to avoid, or searching for the places containing the most minerals. Very fast loading and gives you a good planet overview.

Be sure to read the presentation page for more info and features.



AB Path Planner

As you can see, there is plenty of navigation possibilities to guide your way. Furthermore, there is another tool that plans the best path from your current position to several items and minerals around you. The AB Path Planner takes everything in account, and you do not need to worry whether or not you might have missed a rich mineral area, a missile or a Provision bonus.



Unmapped items

As said earlier, none of the maps are perfect and they don't contain all the items and objects. Hence, some maps are not even updated anymore. 


If you encounter new Kamikaze powerups not documented here, please post them here.



Spread your wings!

Now it is time for you to explore that what is still unmapped, and discover items and objects that are yet to be find.

Good luck on your journey!

Comments (4)

Kinam said

at 1:53 pm on Nov 14, 2008

Either I'm not seeing it when I'm editing, or there's no way to comment what edits you did to a page -.- ... anyway, minor edits: strikethrough and noted about map haXe being offline, corrected the font for the EEBkiller's maps (they were defaulted to something else when I pasted it, and looked boldish). Also updated the "count" of how many maps there are available (forgot to do it last time and it was still saying 4 when there were 7 at that time)

Steror said

at 8:48 pm on Jul 4, 2012

The good old Alphabounce Global Map no longer works, can you believe it? After a long time of playing I thought I'd give this game another go and I wanted to check out levels on Pofiak, but my trusty map is no longer there :S

Steror said

at 9:33 pm on Jul 4, 2012

P.S.: I think our wiki should have an independent map, but there's probably not enough people playing this game anymore, maybe when AB2 comes...

Reed said

at 12:25 am on Apr 25, 2013

I added a link to a map site i found. It is very helpful. http://abmap.uifi.ro/

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