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Karbonis' Memory (Mission)

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Karbonis' Memory

by alexburlton


This is a hidden mission text received for collecting the 12 Karbonite Tablets that are scattered around the belt.


Mission Image/Text

Congratulations, your collection of tablets is now complete. By deciphering their contents, you succeed in redrawing the plans of a completely innovative guidance system. To be able to set it up, you must find a competent engineer who will be able to read this plan.



How to complete mission: Collect all 12 Karbonite Tablets.

Reward: Unlocks "The Engineer" mission.


Acquisition of Tablets

Scattered around the Karbonis Belt, these tablets can be collected by landing on specific asteroids. The Karbonite Tablets' locations are as follows:






[58][106] [-14][113] [-67][66] [-85][18] [-64][-56] [-29][-98]
Inside the Karbonis Belt?


No No No Yes? No





[142][6] [119][65]
Inside the Karbonis Belt? No No Yes Yes No Yes?

Note: Credit to whether the tablet is in the Karbonis Belt or not is due to this page. If it is incorrect, please comment.

Comments (3)

Big Knight said

at 3:40 am on Dec 17, 2009

Ar the symbols supposed to match the coordinates?
At least some of the symbols are not correct to the coordinates listed next to them.

LayzAyzn said

at 5:46 am on Dec 17, 2009

They should be correct, now. Matched images with coordinates according to abmap.info

Big Knight said

at 3:49 am on Dec 18, 2009

Thanks, they make more sense now.

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