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Karbonis Belt

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The Karbonis Belt

by alexburlton


General information

The Karbonis Belt is the name given to the belt of asteroids that surrounds some of the earlier planets in the alphabounce universe. It was formed when the planet Karbonis imploded, and threw out debris which scattered across the universe. As such, the planet Karbonis is now impossible to explore.


The planets contained within the Karbonis Belt are as follows: 


A broader focus: the entire Karbonis Belt and the planets contained within are shown here


This image taken from ABMap shows the zoomed-out view of the Karbonis Belt. There are some gaps in the belt but the ESCorp boundary forms a full circle around the planetary system.


Asteroids in the Karbonis Belt


The Karbonis Belt is made up of asteroids. These asteroids take up one square each and can be landed on like any regular planet.


Purpose of the Karbonis Belt

The Karbonis Belt now serves one useful purpose - it is used as a boundary by ESCorp in which to contain its most recent prisoners. ESCorp prisoners will eventually be granted permission to cross this belt but only after they have proven their loyalty by completing 52 clean-up missions. Of course, it is possible to cross over the asteroid belt before then, and in this case the prisoner is stripped of any envelope extensions and becomes an interstellar fugitive. Most interstellar fugitives will later end up joining FURI - a rebel organization set up to fight against the ESCorp.

See also: Karbonis' Belt (Mission)


If you must skate on the edge of the invisible boundary of the Karbonis Belt, you can use this link to help you determine whether your desired location is within the Karbonis Belt or not. (Note that this link is mostly correct, but not always)

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