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Karbonis (Planet)

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 13 years, 11 months ago

 Planet Karbonis     

  By Joozey



Karbonis was a planet located east from the origin point. A reactor in a big mining industry exploded and caused the planet's core instable, followed by its implosion. Karbonis's debris shattered around the most inner planets, forming the Karbonis Belt. Data about this planet before the implosion is currently unknown, and this planet can no longer be explored or landed on.


In-game text

The explosion of the principal reactor of a gigantic mining industry caused Karbonis' heart to become unstable, and was followed by its implosion. An asteroid belt was created around the Zonkerian system called the "Karbonis Belt".



The center of Karbonis was located at [26][5] to [27][6]. The planet had a diameter of 8 sectors, and was comprised of 52 levels.

A full exploration map has never been created, and thus can not be mapped anymore for Moneymaker1's MineMap.



Full scaled view


Comments (3)

pip31319 said

at 10:42 am on Jun 4, 2008

Can you still explore this when you start or is the belt there from the beginning?

Me-Bomb said

at 12:21 pm on Jun 4, 2008

I guess the belt from now on is at the beggining.

Joozey said

at 1:13 pm on Jun 4, 2008

Yes, the planet exploded some months (perhaps much longer?) ago during an update. There is no chance anymore to explore this planet, perhaps untill the next update :).

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