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Items by merchant

Page history last edited by Lazypete 10 years, 10 months ago

Items by merchant

by Lazypete


This is a list of items sold by merchants in alphabounce. Please help me complete it.

If a ?? is writen its because it would not tell me the price because i couldn't buy the

item. (ie: Can buy drone perfo tools if you don't have the drones yet)


Location / Item Price   Location / Item Price
-2, 3     5,5  
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 210   Solid Hydrogen Capsule 211
-8,8     5,11  
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 266   Solid Hydrogen Capsule 209
Lightning Capsule 27      
-8,14     Solid Hydrogen Capsule 289
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 225   Supporting Drones 1198
Supporting Drone 1 1660   Drone Perforation Tools  
      Drone Reactor Support  
-13,8     Drone Converter  
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 144   Drone Collector  
Side Reactor 334   Lightning Capsule 30
Extra Enveloppe 470      
Supporting drone 1 1550   17,4  
      Blackhole Capsule 54
-12,-1     Solid Hydrogen Capsule 181
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 222   Supporting Drone 658
-42,-9     19,17  
Solid Hydrogen Capsule 210   Engine 4 4603
Supporting Drone 1 724   Solid Hydrogen Capsule 152
Drone: perfo tools ???   Liquid Cooler 576
Drone: Collector ???   Supporting Drone 2 2399
      Drones Collector 2480
      Lightning Capsule 24
      Solid Hydrogen Capsule 211

Extra Missile 2

      Extra Missile 3 14282
      Supporting Drone 2400 (2)
      Drone: Reactor support 1341
      Drone: Collector 2496
      Lighning Capsule 23
      Solid Hydrogen Capsule 210
      Drone: Collector 2516
      Drone: perfo tools 5500
      Drone: Reactor support 1435
      Missile Map 1193
      Solid Hydrogen Capsule 221
      Drone: Collector 2651
      Lightning Capsule 27
      Perpetual Synthesis Motor 17545


Comments (4)

alch3mist said

at 6:10 am on Aug 15, 2009


Try looking at that for additional info. =D

LayzAyzn said

at 5:38 am on Nov 15, 2009

This page should be deleted, in my opinion.

Lazypete said

at 3:41 pm on Dec 11, 2009

Well if you do please let me know so I stop working on this... would SUCK BIG TIME to work to get the work deleted...

LayzAyzn said

at 5:54 pm on Dec 11, 2009

We're trying to let you know that there is already a table which has MANY more merchants and MUCH more details -- http://minemap.golbarg.fr/shoplist.php?lang=en
If you happen across any errors or new merchants, however, you should contribute to that website. To find out more about how to do that, go to this link: http://www.alphabounce.com/forum/thread/64559

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