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Invasion (Mission)

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by alexburlton


Mission Image/Text

The reducines are slowing our progress in this sector. The Balixteans' open aggression leaves us no other option, we must hit them hard to subject the people of Balixt to the ESCorp.

We are counting on you for this mission. If you succeed, the ESCorp will officially ask for the payment of your term. Your imprisonment will then end and you will be put on photo-transit towards the Earth.


Mission Clear Text

Well done. You have beaten all your enemies, the ESCorp's manager himself congratulates you for your bravery. However, even after multiple tries, our lawyers were not able to obtain the necessary authorization for your photo-transit towards the Earth.

This means you still have to go through your prison term. As a compensation, we have offered you a new emergency envelope which can help you in your hardest drilling sites.



How to unlock mission: Complete "On the Way to Balixt".

How to complete mission: Beat all 88 sectors of the planet Balixt. For more information, see the page on planet exploration.

Reward: You receive an extra envelope (life), and you unlock the "Star Dust" and "Drilling Ball: OX-Delta" missions.



Balixt is one of the most difficult planets this early on in the game and so it would be wise to make sure you are prepared before you attempt this mission. The planet has LOTS of reducines and so drones are a massive help on this planet. In addition to this, MAS-Z missiles as well as volt/glacial capsules provide good counters to these reducines. The occasional flash molecule can be handled as long as you have the sunglasses and the necessary drilling ball from Moltear. It's also a good idea to try and have as many extra lives as possible for this mission, and for this reason the extra lives available from the "Distress Call" mission and from various merchants are crucial.


While the Mission Text reads that your imprisonment will end after the completion of the mission, the mission clear text will notify you that your imprisonment must continue. Thus, it is still possible to become a FURI member after the completion of this mission.

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