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Interstellar fugitive

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 12 years, 6 months ago

Interstellar Fugitive

by Lavos


An Interstellar Fugitive is a miner who does not belong to either the ESCorp or FURI. This status is obtained once the player is fired by the ESCorp because he/she has crossed the Karbonis Belt (see also: Karbonis Belt (Mission)). This status is usually held for only a short time, because most interstellar fugitives are simply aspiring FURI members. Upon becoming an interstellar fugitive, the ESCorp will destroy your original envelope extension, making your envelope the same size that it was at the beginning of the game (assuming you have already received the extension from the Red Lycans mission).


If you must skate on the edge of the invisible boundary of the Karbonis Belt, you can use this link to help you determine whether your desired location is within the Karbonis Belt or not. (Note that this link is mostly correct, but not always)



The following missions are assigned only to interstellar fugitives:



FURI Supporters

On various planets, you will find FURI Supporters who you can liberate (even though you are only an Interstellar Fugitive, and not officially a FURI member yet). After doing so, they will reward you with Minerals, and sometimes SHCs.

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LayzAyzn said

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The title should be changed so that "fugitive" is capitalized as well.

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