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Hydrogen Capsules

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Hydrogen Capsules 

by Lavos



Hydrogen Capsules are small, transparent containers that hold a volume of hydrogen-based fuel. This fuel is needed to power your envelope, and by extension, play the game.


Hydrogen capsules come in two colors:



  • Liquid Hydrogen Capsules     


or LHCs, are colored green. The ESCorp distributes three of these to each player, every day, at midnight server time. (It is worth noting that FURI members and even interstellar fugitives still receive their daily LHCs.) LHCs are refreshed at 12 AM (GMT+1), so you must use them before that time or they will go to waste. FURI members can recieve an extra LHC per day with the help of the Syntrogenic Accelerator.



  •  Solid Hydrogen Capsules     


or SHCs, are colored red. These must be obtained either by buying them from the Interstellar Bank, a merchant, or by being awarded some upon special circumstances (such as missions, or through sponsoring). The only difference between SHCs and LHCs is that SHCs never evaporate, and may be used at the player's leisure with no time constraint.



The two capsule types are equally powerful, and contain enough fuel for your envelope to make one move (or land on a planet). At the beginning of the game, you may only move one sector per Hydrogen Capsule used; however, you may later upgrade your envelope's generator to allow yourself to move multiple spaces at once using only one Hydrogen Capsule.

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