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Holovan (Planet)

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Planet Holovan

By Dateris


Holovan is a planet southwest from the origin point. It is a somewhat large planet and in many ways similar to Balixt. Holovan's game-play is considerably hard. The planet is abundant in Kashuat Sentinels–sentinels which fire eight red bullets that destroy your envelope upon contact with it. Fortunately, Holovan also has about 30 levels that don't have any Kashuat Sentinels whatsoever. This is approximately one-fourth of the planet. Holovan can be considered Balixt's "bigger brother"; the reason for this is that both planets have sentinels, but Holovan's sentinels destroy your envelope, instead of simply shrinking your envelope as Balixt's reducines do. Also, both planets have missions that require 100% of the planet to be completed, but Holovan is bigger than Balixt by 32 levels.


When approaching Holovan, e.g. to complete the mission "Holovan Land of Peace", it would be a good idea to have at least 3 (better 4) drones equipped. You should also have purchased the perforation tools for your drones to considerably increase the chances to accomplish the levels.


Landing on Holovan is tricky - there aren't really any obstacles on its surface, but the gravity is very strong, making it difficult to land without crashing. It is advised that you get a strong generator before trying to land much here.



In-game description

An old rocky planet, the Kemilians' home planet, a more than 120,000 year old civilization. In the aim of not being disturbed, the Kemilians filled the sky with Kashuat Sentinels.



The center of Holovan is located at [-151][110] to [-150][111]. The planet has a diameter of 12 sectors, and is comprised of 120 levels.


A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Holovan Map




The following missions take place on Holovan or involve it in some way:




FURI Supporters

The following table lists the details of any FURI Supporters that can be found on Holovan.


Coordinates Reward for FURI/Interstellar Fugitives

152 Minerals 


5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 

[-154][111] 26 Minerals 
[-153][107] 180 Minerals 
[-151][110] 78 Minerals 
[-151][113] 2 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-150][107] 3 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-148][113] 56 Minerals 
[-148][115] 6 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-147][107] 5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-147][114] 4 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


PID Pieces

The following pieces of the PID Map can be found on Holovan:

C2 @ [-150][111] for 4109 minerals

F3 @ [-149][116] for 916 minerals 



Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Holovan can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[-154][108] Nalikors 4199 32 faction split, 260 sectors
[-153][111] [-129][137] 312   faction split, 50 sectors
[-152][108] Tiboon 2415 2 faction split, 276 sectors 
[-151][112] Spignysos 0
faction split, 230 sectors
[-151][115] Pofiak 931
faction split, 159 sectors
[-150][110] Spignysos 600 16 faction split, 227 sectors
[-150][115] [-111][-14] 774 3 faction split, 168 sectors
[-148][112] [94][132] 4598
faction split, 262 sectors
[-148][116] [99][95] 2964
faction split, 268 sectors
[-147][106] Tiboon
17 faction split, 269 sectors
[-146][110] [144][-136] 3480
faction split, 536 sectors
[-146][111] [-121][63] 864
faction split, 73 sectors
[-146][113] D-Tritus 5502
faction split, 547 sectors
[-145][109] [-136][-145] 0
faction split, 263 sectors
[-145][110] Douriv 1484 31 faction split, 263 sectors


[-152][108] and [-147][106] both want to go to Tiboon.

[-151][112] and [-150][110] both want to go to Spignysos (but the former will not reward you with anything).



Full scaled view

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