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Gregune's Spacesuit (Mission)

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Gregune's Spacesuit

By DocCobra


Mission Image/Text


Salmeen tells you that he has a cousin named Gregune on Soupaline at [-7][2]. Gregune is an ancient mercenary who did a lot of pirating acts in the galaxy. Today in retirement, he spends peaceful days in a small cell on Soupaline. Salmeen thinks that Gregune has many space suits. Maybe he has one for a human? 



Mission Clear Text

Thanks to the spacesuit, you can now leave the envelope on any planet!




How to unlock mission: Complete Salmeen the Mechanic Step 2 and become an Interstellar Fugitive. Make sure you have Salmeen when you are past the Karbonis Belt.

How to complete mission: Reach sector [-7][2]. Finish the level, and then land on the planet.

Reward: Spacesuit (Item)

Comments (2)

DocCobra said

at 11:14 pm on Feb 5, 2009

I'm doing that (currently at [-100][-15]. Hurrying to Soupaline, I'll fill in Rewards (Just Spacesuit I think but I wouldn't be too sure of it) and Clear text. Providing image soon.


DocCobra said

at 11:19 pm on Feb 18, 2009

Perfect, everything's set.


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