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Alphabounce Glossary

By Joozey


This Glossary consists of many words used in Alphabounce. Wondering what 'LHC' means? Who are the 'Interstellar Fugitives'? What purpose does a 'Liquid Cooler' have? This is the place to look! 





Game - Alphabounce is an RPG-like breakout game, unique in its sort.
Ambro-X Item - Extends your radar by one.


Map Item - Will damage your Radar when you complete a level that is one of these. Your radar will also be damaged if you cross over one of these levels. You will need to go to a Merchant to get it fixed. 

Antimatter Nuclei Item - Needed to complete the mission MAS-Z and Antimatter, and subsequently synthesize MAS-Z missiles.
AR-57 Missile - Allows your missiles to break a 3x3 area of bricks instead of just 1 brick.
AR-SRX Missile - Allows your missiles to break a 5x5 area of bricks instead of a 3x3 area of bricks. (ESCorp exclusive)
Attraction Powerup - Once obtained, your envelope can attract all of the balls in-play by pressing (and/or holding) the action button.


Balixt Planet - Home of the Balixteans who defended their planet well with reducine sentinels.

Planet - Limestone planet with many orbital nuts.


Level Object - See: Bricks.
Boost Powerup - Will 'thicken' all bricks in the level by one.
Bricks Level Object - Bricks that need to be hit by your drilling ball.


Capsules Item - When bought and used, they will act as powerups.


Planet - A dead limestone planet with many minerals. 


Planet - A planet with water and a breathable atmosphere. It has a lot of bricks that instantly cause death.
Control Powerup - By catching this, all in-play balls will stick to your envelope and be released upon clicking the action button (exception for those imbued with the power of Halo).



Planet - A small rocky planet infested with monsters. 

Diminuation Powerup - Reduces the size of your envelope for that level.
Douriv Planet - A large planet with extremely high gravity and lots of parasites and minerals.
Drilling Ball

Item - The ball that you use to drill through bricks on levels.


Item - Dismantles sentinels and performs other actions during levels.



Earth Planet - See: Terre 
Envelope Item -  Your rocket ship and paddle, used for bouncing drilling balls, space travelling and planet landings.
ESCorp Organization - Leading corporation of prison mining extraction.
Extension Powerup- Increases the size of your envelope for that level.


Flame Powerup - Turns all in-play balls into fireballs, making them stronger.
Folket Planet - An acidic planet whose core imploded.
FORA 7R-Z Mine Item - ESCorp exclusive explosives which are randomly spread through the level.
F.U.R.I. Organization - Group of pirates, rebels and other Interstellar Fugitives who escaped from ESCorp and decided to take their own path.


Genemill Item - Engine that you receive upon completing The Genemill Mission.
Glacial Powerup - Turns all in-play balls in game into iceballs, which can freeze and destroy every brick in the level.
Grimorn Planet - A dead planet with lots of steel bricks.


Halo Powerup - Gives all in-play balls the ability to fly through bricks until they bounce off the top or until you activate the Attraction powerup -- whichever comes first.
Holovan Planet - An old planet, home of the Kemilians, who filled the sky with sentinels.


Indigestion Powerup - Adds normal bricks in the level around all existing bricks.
Interstellar Fugitive Organization - Those who have been excluded by the ESCorp but are not yet a FURI member fall under this category.


Javelin Powerup - Shoots a javelin destroying every brick and released molecule above the middle of your envelope.


Kamikaze Powerup - Turns all in-play balls into kamikaze-balls. They will automatically aim towards normal bricks, but can still drop off the screen if going quickly enough.
Karbonis Planet - Due to the explosion of a mining reactor, Karbonis' core went unstable and exploded, resulting in the Karbonis Belt.
Karbonis Belt Asteroid Belt - A belt of asteroids, located about 125 sectors around the former location of Karbonis, that is the result of an exploded mining reactor.
Karbonite Tablets Item - Scattered around the Karbonis Belt, your Radar will be upgraded by 1 after collecting all 12 Tablets.
Khorlan Planet - A nice grassy planet that is pleasant to live on.
Ki-Wi Antenna Item - An item that lets you view the forums from outside the Karbonis Belt.


Landing Game - After acquiring the Landing Pods from Salmeen, you may land on Planets for various reasons.
Laser Powerup - Allows your envelope to shoot at bricks (click/Ctrl to fire)


Item - Short for Liquid Hydrogen Capsule; allows one level to be moved to and played. 

Lithium Retrofuser Item - Returns you to [0][0] at your will (ESCorp Only)
Liquid Cooler Item - Cools down your missile launcher giving you the ability to launch your missiles faster.
Lycans Planet - Large planet with many explosive bricks and lots of minerals.


Maps Map - The universe mapped by various users.
MAS-Z Item - Missile type that can destroy any type of brick.
Merchants Alien - Sells items and upgrades to you for Minerals.
Minerals Item - Used to buy items from merchants. They are usually found in mineral bricks or on the surface of planets.
Missiles Item - Fired by pressing the space bar; they destroy one or more bricks depending on the type of missile used.
Molecules Level Object - Objects that will affect your ball/the level in various manners.
Moltear Planet - Rocky planet southwest of the origin that is infested with molecules.
Multiball Powerup - Doubles all of your balls currently in-play.



Planet - The FURI base is located here, along with many conglomerates, and death and extra-life bricks. 

New Ball Powerup - Creates a new drilling ball on your envelope.


Opening Powerup - Moves all bricks 3 spaces of the level towards its closest side; the bricks closer to the edges will be dropped off.


Pad Item - Short for 'Paddle' (also see: Envelope)
Perpetual Synthesis Motor
Item - Item that refills one of your missiles each time you play a new level.


Map - A map that, when completed, will inform you of Terre's coordinates.


Planet - Large tropical planet infected with psionic insects. 


Powerup - Various bonuses obtained by smashing bricks.
Provision Powerup- Refills all of your missiles.


Quasar Powerup - Creates a black hole which makes all central bricks disappear.


Rank Game - Your ranking is determined by your amount of completed cleanup missions or Free a Prisoner missions.
Regeneration Powerup - Allows you generate a ball every few seconds.


Safety Powerup - Grants an extra envelope in your current level.
Salmeen NPC - An interstellar mechanic that can be found on Tiboon.
Samosa Planet - Extremely large planet, home planet of Douglas.
Saumir's Twinner Item - When in your possession, you start the level with 2 drilling balls instead of 1. (FURI exclusive)
Senegarde Planet - Planet infected with parasites.
Item - Special hydrogen capsules that will not expire regardless of time passed.
Side Reactors

Item - These increase the speed at which your envelope turns when you fire a missile. 

Soupaline Planet - Small inhabitable planet northwest of the origin.
Space Suit Item - Allows you to breathe on planets where you otherwise would be unable to. 
Spignysos Planet - Icy planet that slows your envelope and is infested with flash molecules. 
Stars Item - If you finish the Star Dust Mission, they allow you to edit levels.
Sunglasses Item - Reduces the effect of flash molecules.
Syntrogenic Accelerator Item - Produces 4 LHC per day - one more than normal. (FURI exclusive)


Tarciturne Planet -  A planet that was devastated by a meteor shower.
Terre (Earth) Planet - Fairly small planet accessible only after collecting all pieces of the PID Map.
Tiboon Planet - Small desert planet northeast of the origin point.
Transformation Powerup - Click and hold mouse button or Ctrl key to transform the above nearest non-normal brick to a regular one.




Volcer Planet - Large planet with water that supports life.
Volt Powerup - In-play balls get a destructive aura. If it passes or stays near a brick for a certain length of time, the brick will be destroyed (sans a Steel, Sentinel, or other special type of brick). A ball under this effect does not activate sentinels.


Whisky Powerup - All in-play balls become 'drunk' and can randomly change their direction.
Wormholes Map Item - Transports you from one place on the map to another without using fuel.


Xanax Powerup - Slows down all active balls currently in-play.


Yoyo Powerup - Makes all balls currently in-play accelerate as they are ascending, and then decelerate as they descend.


Zeal Powerup - Hastens all in-play balls; grab them when you are bored!
Zonkerian Medallion Item- Increases the speed and stability of your envelope, useful for Spignysos.


Comments (10)

bghvgjdh said

at 2:59 am on May 22, 2008

Whew... I just added all the planets and most of the items... I probably made some mistakes though.

Joozey said

at 9:21 am on May 22, 2008

Nice job :D haven't seen any mistakes yet (except for missing links, but that is okay as those pages don't exist yet anyway).

bghvgjdh said

at 1:08 am on May 23, 2008

Yeah, I did that intentionally because I didn't want to make the link go somewhere that would never be created (E.G., a link to Grimorn instead of Grimorn(planet))

alexburlton said

at 8:25 pm on May 23, 2008

Yeah but inserting links to new pages you can tell it the name, e.g. "Grimorn (Planet)". I guess it can be misleading having links to hypothetical pages, though =]

MrNoHelp said

at 2:56 pm on Jun 1, 2008

To make this thing more authenic...I suggest organizing the items in the tables sorted alphabetically...I added Salmeen in S section and reorganized A and B...

Joozey said

at 3:58 pm on Jun 1, 2008

Salmeen is all the way down... hmm :P
But it was supposed to happen this way. When it is finished (as far as that is possible) I'll run through the whole thing to check for dead links, A-Z sorting errors and stuff.
Doesn't mean noone needs to do this anymore ofcourse ^^.

ANS1 said

at 9:48 pm on Jun 1, 2008

Sorted the A-Z stuff. ;)

decisa said

at 6:03 am on Nov 15, 2009

nice work =)

how about adding
- RCD-20 Drilling Ball
- OX-Soldier Ball
- OX-Delta Ball
- Asphalt project ball

decisa said

at 6:04 am on Nov 15, 2009

- PID parts / map =)

JohnAtMC said

at 10:39 am on Jan 4, 2010

I edited the AR-57 and AR-SRX definitions because the AR-57 can only destroy 8 bricks, and the AR-SRX can only destroy 23 bricks. The reason is: For the AR-57 missile to reach the center of the 3x3 square, the bottom-center brick has to be already destroyed. The AR-SRX can only destroy 23 bricks for a similar reason.

Also, in the Anti-Radar definition, I changed "destroy" to "damage" because they make you need to repair – not replace – your radar. ;-)

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