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FURI (Foundation for the Unification in a Rational way of the Infinite) is a rebel organization against ESCorp. Many prisoners end up turning to them, because of ESCorp's harsh policies. Their missions office is on Nalikors' surface at [64][154].


FURI's Self-Introduction

You join FURI when you complete "The FURI", and during this mission a FURI spokesperson gives us an insight into what FURI is and what it stands for:


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"Welcome companion!

The RCEH needs all available souls to fight human expansion. We have no discriminatory policies and your human origins are not an obstacle to you joining our cause. You can now participate in prisoner rescue and ESCorp equipment sabotage operations in this system.

Thank you for your help!"



The following missions are assigned only to FURI members:



The Choice

Sometime in the game, you will have to make the choice between ESCorp and FURI. If you have already completed 52 ESCorp Cleanup Missions, you will be unable to switch to FURI, as it has been demonstrated that you are loyal to ESCorp


The gameplay differences can be found here.


FURI Supporters

If you are a FURI member (or even an Interstellar Fugitive), you will find FURI Supporters on various planets who you can liberate. After doing so, they will reward you with Minerals, and sometimes SHCs.