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Page history last edited by Mithy 10 years, 3 months ago

Welcome to AlphaBounce wiki!

By Mithy 


This wiki has been created for players of the AlphaBounce online game. For now it is incomplete, but it can become the ultimate AlphaBounce encyclopedia! How? With your help!


Please post everything you know about Alpha Bounce (AB) you have on this wiki. Screenshot everything you see! If you have created an AB map, tool, or any knowledge repository, write about it here, and post a link.


It's easy - You just have to sign up get the privileges (read about it a few lines below) and start writing!


Happy drilling! 


P.S.: Feel free to post a comment about what would you like to see on this wiki!



It's going to take a while for your account to get activated - I usually activate accounts every day, but if I'm out of town... you'll just have to wait ;)


If you have registered, and your account has been activated, but you can't write or edit articles and/or comment on them, send me a message at mithys@gmail.com from the email you used to register on this wiki. Also, include a link to your "My Page" on AlphaBounce.

If you're creating a new page for the first time, please make sure you follow this guide to help you to do so. This is especially important for page names!


If you're lazy, at least read the rules page.

If you spot any dead links in pages, either edit the page and fix the link or, if this is not possible or you do not have access, report the dead link here.





Miscellaneous pages can be found using the search feature on the side bar. Whatever you're looking for, just type a keyword and the appropriate pages should come up (if they've been made by someone!)


Pages in progress:


Comments (19)

alexburlton said

at 1:09 am on Aug 3, 2008

Ok here's a list of all the things that could be done right now:

Generator (Item) - Explain how it upgrades, linking off to merchant page.
Lithium Retrofuser (Item) - Explain how it is obtained (what mission, link off to it), what it does, video will eventually be included
FORA 7R-Z Mines (Item) - Explain how the first one is obtained (mission, link off), explain that the rest are bought through merchants
Syntrogenic Accelerator (Item) - Explain what mission you get it from and how it works
Wormholes (is that what theyre called?) - Listing all existing ones and explaining how they work, vid showing one in action
Asteroids - Explaining that they can be landed on etc, link off to karbonis belt
Signal Strength page - explain the varying degrees of weak signal, link off to ki-wi antennae.
PID Pieces - these need their own page but could also be listed in the merchants page.

Asides from all of those that i could think of there's bound to be others, not to mention the ongoing project that are PLANET pages, we are missing loads of those as well as landing videos.

Joozey said

at 11:28 pm on Oct 22, 2008

I just added a donation page , put in the intro page and in the sidebar.
If you have some spare money, it is greatly appreciated if you could contribute to this wiki.
The monthly fee of PBWiki comes down to 13,95 USD, meaning a total of 167 USD a year, and I more and more start to need the money nowadays.

I hope to count on your help so we can keep this wiki at a professional level! ;)


Joozey said

at 4:05 am on Nov 26, 2008

As said on the donations page: the donation was not such a huge success (a grant total of 0 donations the last 1.5 month) I decided to cut the stream.
I payed one more time, so it'll last another month, and then the Alphabounce PBWiki will downgrade to the normal package.

Thanks all for your interest, and keep working on the wiki, no matter what happens! :)

ZeekLTK said

at 9:56 pm on Nov 30, 2008

What will change by "downgrading"?

Mithy said

at 10:04 pm on Nov 30, 2008

Everything - we will lose this cool theme and everything. And as it wasn't enough, we will have just 10mb of space instead of current 1gb. :(

Mithy said

at 10:17 pm on Nov 30, 2008

And please click the 'popularise on adsphere' button, maybe I'll be able to make some money of your clicks, send them to Joozey who can then pay for the wiki to keep it in this state.

But it looks like we need all the clicks you can give us because we need at least 280 clicks each month to keep the wiki running 'for free'.

shrodekill said

at 1:44 am on Feb 14, 2009

I just finished (well, I need to add some small things to the mission page still) creating the Syntrogenic Accelerator (Item) and (Mission) pages. Please let me know how I did, as they were my first contributions to this site. I hope it was what you were all looking for!

Mithy said

at 11:55 am on Aug 13, 2009

I apologise to all those 11 guys that requested access, and got it like a month later, my email wasn't working properly. Problem solved.

Big Knight said

at 3:36 am on Nov 16, 2009

Anyone want to add a missile location page? I have locations for 38 (maybe 39) of them. I would love to get the other locations.

LayzAyzn said

at 11:21 am on Nov 16, 2009

I added a Missile #/Coordinates table to the Missiles page. There are 40 known, currently.

Terrell Gibbs said

at 8:14 pm on Apr 11, 2011


Steror said

at 5:39 pm on Nov 23, 2011

Could you make the so called "popularise on adsphere" button more visible? It will be easier to gather the money...

Steror said

at 5:18 pm on Dec 2, 2011

Writing here too, did I just not notice the 3 missiles that are sold at mercahnts or were they really not included in the missiles' list?

Steror said

at 2:14 pm on Dec 5, 2011

Something strange happened today, I was playing a level on Lycans and got glacial ball by an accident, so I was braking bricks with glacial ball when I saw [M] powerup fall down, I thought that something was not right here and played a bit more, I got another [M], then [S], [E] and something else. What's wrong, shouldn't frozen bricks not drop powerups?

jason said

at 4:56 pm on Dec 5, 2011

Frozen bricks drop powerups just fine. Also, frozen molecule bricks still turn out molecules when they're broken, as well.

Steror said

at 4:57 pm on Dec 6, 2011

The powerup page doesn't make that clear, maybe I'll edit it a bit...

Steror said

at 5:06 pm on Dec 6, 2011

BTW, you have any info on those missiles, maybe people just made a mistake and haven't added the missiles got from merchants by accident or maybe it was me who made a mistake and haven't noticed them. I don't know....

jason said

at 11:00 pm on Jan 26, 2012

This Twinoid nonsense sucks.

Steror said

at 9:45 pm on Jan 27, 2012

Totally :/

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