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Fora 7R-Z Mine (Item)

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The FORA 7R-Z Mines

By Snakeman


      One Mine             Two Mines           Three Mines            All Four Mines


The FORA 7R-Z mines is one of the few items that are only available to you if you stay with ESCorp. There are four total that you can find and purchase. The mines are placed on a random brick at the start of a level, and have a similar effect to explosive bricks. A mine can destroy up to 9 bricks--the one that it is on and the bricks surrounding it.



A player whose YouTube name is LuckyNinja has posted a video of a mine in action:


Extra Information

The first mine is obtained through completing the ESCorp-exclusive mission "Cilorile's Guards", which is unlocked by clearing 58 Zone Cleanup missions. Once you obtain the first mine, you may then collect the other three by purchasing them from Merchants.

The mines appear randomly at the start of every level, and are not depleted similarly to missiles (i.e. they are replaced at the end of each level).

Comments (5)

Snakeman said

at 9:43 pm on Aug 22, 2008

Well, I made this based on the best of my knowledge. If you guys see anything wrong with it, feel free to add in anything I left out.

I also forgot (Item) next to the title. I can't seem to fix it myself; maybe someone else can?

Cort said

at 2:16 am on Aug 23, 2008

I assume they can be reused in each level, i.e. hitting one with your ball doesn't destroy them permanently. It's pretty obvious, but you might wanna mention it anyway. You compare them with the missiles, and that's the important difference, I guess.

alexburlton said

at 8:16 pm on Aug 23, 2008

Was a little too informal for my liking, but the info was there. I made a few changes and sorted out the title =]

Snakeman said

at 12:09 am on Aug 24, 2008

Thanks for the help on that, alex.

LayzAyzn said

at 6:53 pm on Nov 21, 2009

Title should be appropriately capitalized to 'FORA'.

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