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ESCorp or FURI

Page history last edited by LayzAyzn 12 years, 4 months ago

ESCorp or FURI?

By LayzAyzn


This is to be an objective, yet reasonable comparison between the gameplay difference of staying with ESCorp or shifting over to FURI. Discussion should be kept to the comments.



The Gameplay Differences

  • Leaving the Karbonis Belt

    • ESCorp: Those who stay with ESCorp must complete 52 Zone Cleanup Missions before going outside of the Karbonis Belt. Some may find this task tedious after some time, as they will wish to do other missions, or visit other planets and merchants.
      • An argument against this seemingly bad restriction is that both factions will have to complete 100 of their cleanups or prisoners freed, in the end, to obtain their last faction-exclusive item (more on this later), whether they are Zone Cleanups (for ESCorp members) or Freeing Prisoners (for FURI members).
    • FURI: Those who transfer to FURI have the liberty of going wherever and whenever they please.


  • Zone Cleanups vs. Freeing Prisoners
    • ESCorp: Zone Cleanups originally start as 2x2 areas, but they eventually increase to 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and ultimately 6x6. You are rewarded 10 Mineral per sector after you complete the cleanup, thus, you would be rewarded 40 for a 2x2, 90 for a 3x3, 160 for a 4x4, 250 for a 5x5, and 360 for a 6x6. They will also sometimes overlap, so you may not have to play the entire area. However, sometimes the zone will be placed in an area that contains an anti-radar asteroid.
    • FURI: Freeing Prisoners only requires clearing one sector, and you are awarded a constant 75 Minerals for each prisoner freed. Similarly to above, the sector may be placed on an area that is an anti-radar asteroid, but the chance of this happening is rarer than above, as zones cover larger areas.


  • Envelope Extensions
    • ESCorp: Those who stay with ESCorp will retain their original Envelope extension, as well as receiving another extension upon the completion of an ESCorp-only mission (that is unlocked once you complete your 100th Zone Cleanup).

       (length after obtainment of all extensions)

      • A counter-argument to ESCorp's extensions is that because Extension Power-ups are commonly found in levels, and there being a limit to how far your envelope can extend, FURI members benefit more from Extension Power-ups.

    • FURI: Those who transfer to FURI will lose their original Envelope extension, and will not be entitled to the same envelope-extension-mission that the ESCorp have.

       (length after completion of Red Lycans mission and leaving the Karbonis Belt)

      • An argument for the smaller envelope is that its smaller size will make it more convenient to avoid attacks from sentinels/orbital nuts/etc, but the obvious (but still valid) counter-argument is that the ESCorp's larger envelope will make it more convenient to catch drilling balls when they come down.

      • A less substantial argument in support of the smaller envelope is that it is easier to land upon planets.


  • FURI Supporters
    • ESCorp: After you have unlocked The Fight (ESCorp mission that requires 63 Zones be cleaned up), you will receive 20 Solid Hydrogen Capsules. Also, for every FURI Supporter that you discover and denounce, you are awarded 5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules.
    • FURI: As soon as you pass the Karbonis Belt and leave ESCorp, you will be able to liberate FURI Supporters. While some of them will give you Solid Hydrogen Capsules similar to as if you were an ESCorp member, the number given to you will range, and sometimes you will be given Minerals instead of SHCs.


  • Traveling
    • ESCorp: Those who stay with ESCorp (and complete The Retrofuser, a mission that is unlocked after 73 Zone Cleanups) will receive the Lithium Retrofuser, an item that moves your position to [0][0] for no cost, regardless of where you are in the universe.
      • One argument for the Lithium Retrofuser against the Syntrogenic Accelerator is that while FURI members will be getting more plays a day, ESCorp members will not need to travel as much as FURI members would, as they could utilize the Lithium Retrofuser in moving back and forth across the expansive universe.
    • FURI: Those who transfer to FURI (and complete The Syntrogenic Accelerator, a mission that is unlocked after 20 Free a Prisoner missions) will receive The Syntrogenic Accelerator, an item that increases your plays a day (Liquid Hydrogen Capsules) from the standard three, to four-a-day instead.
      • One argument for the Syntrogenic Accelerator (and against the Lithium Retrofuser) is that by playing with four-plays-a-day versus three-plays-a-day, you will have explored more of the universe, and thus be able to navigate back onto those paths to move faster.
      • Another argument for the Syntrogenic Accelerator is that the player should focus on his or her enjoyment and more plays a day would (likely) mean more time spent playing and enjoying the game.
        • A counter-argument against this argument is that because of the extra play each day, FURI members will likely have a higher chance of not failing the total four plays for that day, compared to the three plays that ESCorp members have. Thus, the ESCorp traveler would be more likely to get an extra play from the mission Bad Luck more often. 


  • Drilling Ball
    • ESCorp: ESCorp members' most advanced Drilling Ball is the OX-Delta, which will bounce back right after hitting a brick. ESCorp members will also begin with only one Drilling Ball.
    • FURI: FURI members' most advanced Drilling Ball is the AR-SRX Asphalt Ball. The Asphalt Ball's drilling strength is 1 more than the OX-Delta. Also, instead of bouncing back after hitting a brick, an Asphalt Ball will continue to hit up to 3 more times (for a total of 4) before bouncing against bricks again. FURI members will also begin with two Drilling Balls each time they use a life on a play, if they have the Saumir's Twinner item. (To acquire the Asphalt Ball and the Saumir's Twinner, the respective missions Unknown Prototype and Holovan Land of Peace must be completed. They respectively require 100 Prisoners Freed and 5 Prisoners Freed to be unlocked.)
      • (Here is a video of the Asphalt Ball in action, if its description is still unclear to you. The video also demonstrates beginning the level with two balls instead of one, as the traveler has the Saumir's Twinner item)
        • This video also clears the misconception that the Asphalt Ball will only continue drilling if the drilling ball hits a normal brick.
      • An argument against the Asphalt Ball's usefulness is that there are already many Powerups that boost the drilling ball's effectiveness, such as Volt, Halo, (sometimes) Glacial, and especially Kamikaze, and that the Asphalt Ball's effect would be negated by these helpful powerups.
        • There are a number of bugs when the Asphalt Ball is combined with the Halo powerup.

          • The Halo'd Asphalt Ball may bounce off of bricks or go straight through them, yet not break them.

          • The Halo'd Asphalt Ball may swerve or go completely off of the screen, causing you to lose a life.

          • The Halo'd Asphalt Ball may also crash your browser when bounced against a Factory Brick.

        • A counter-argument to this argument is that powerups such as Flame, Multi-ball, New Ball, and Safety have more of an effect, because the drilling ball they are working with is stronger. Also, with Safety, upon your new life, you will again begin with two drilling balls, thanks to the Saumir's Twinner. Another thing to note is that, while revert molecules can take positive effects off of both drilling balls, the Asphalt Ball cannot lose its natural effect.
      • An argument against the Saumir's Twinner's usefulness is that one of the two Drilling Balls will likely have to eventually be ignored to catch the other. Also, more balls will may unintentionally trigger Guardian, Orbital Nut, & Sentinel Bricks, resulting in the entire life being lost.
      • An argument for the Saumir's Twinner, however, is that the additional ball could allow you last longer in levels with Death Bricks, or drill farther and faster up the level should there be Regenerator Bricks.


  • FORA 7R-Z Mines
    • ESCorp: ESCorp members have access to up to 4 of the FORA 7R-Z Mines. These mines will be randomly positioned on bricks through the level, and upon contact with a Drilling Ball, will explode, similar to an orange Explosive brick or the orange destructive molecule. (The FORA 7R-Z Mines can be unlocked for ESCorp members by completing the mission Cilorile's Guards. This mission is unlocked by completing 58 Zone Cleanup Missions.)
      • An argument against the Mines' usefulness is that because of their random positioning, they may be placed on bricks not surrounding many others, or in very difficult-to-reach bricks, which would render its use to very little, as you'd have to drill through the bricks around the mine to get to it.
      • Another argument against the Mines regards their cost. While the first Mine is given to you after the completion of the mission that unlocks them, the other three must be purchased at Merchants, and will total to approximately 100,000 Minerals. The Mines are the only faction-exclusive item that is not completely given after its unlocking-mission.
    • FURI: FURI members do not have any access to these Mines.


  • Missiles
    • ESCorp: ESCorp members' most advanced missile is the AR-SRX, which can destroy up to 25 bricks (a 5x5 area) with one missile. (The AR-SRX can be acquired by completing the mission The Pink Crystal!, which can be unlocked by completing 100 Zone Cleanups.)
      • An argument for the AR-SRX over the MAS-Z is that missiles can easily be replenished (through the Perpetual Synthesis Motor [Item that generates a missile per play], missile-bricks, the Provision Powerup, or refilling for 1 per missile at a Merchant)
    • FURI: FURI members' most advanced missile is the MAS-Z, which can only destroy up to 9 bricks (a 3x3 area) with one missile.


  • Ranking
    • For those who care about positioning on the rankings list, a FURI member will be able to explore more levels. While the ESCorp member will receive about 170 more SHC from the FURI Supporters, they would also have to pay approximately 100,000 Minerals for their FORA 7R-Z Mines, which, at (an expensive) 200 Minerals per SHC, results in a loss of 500 SHC. Also, FURI members have access to 4 plays-a-day compared to ESCorp's 3-a-day, as FURI members get the Syntrogenic Accelerator.
      • This advantage assumes that the FURI member would have equal or less difficulty in completing levels, compared to an ESCorp member.


Item/Upgrade Summary


Comments (10)

decisa said

at 10:57 pm on Nov 20, 2009

I do not regret joining FURI even for a little bit =)

I do not have a twinner yet, but I have my precious Asphalt Ball ... and it ROCKS ! it is waaaay better than any ESCorp's extensions or AR-SRX missiles .. It's really too far from the origin, but believe me it's worth it :)
The only thing I want to have from ESCorp is their retrofusor...

decisa said

at 1:18 am on Nov 21, 2009

I wish they could make an update, that when you free 250 or 500 prisoners you become a spy who can steal ESCorp's inventions %)

LayzAyzn said

at 11:37 pm on Nov 21, 2009

Finished editing. (To everyone) Feel free to comment if there's something missing, or some angle I didn't think of.

Big Knight said

at 12:53 am on Nov 22, 2009

I disagree with some of the discussion under the asphalt ball.

First of all, control, and xanter (how ever you spell it) work exactly the same on the asphalt ball as any other drilling ball. Flame makes no actual difference other than to make the ball easier to see. It still goes thru 4 bricks after hitting the envelope and then bounces off bricks (with a hit power of 2) until it contacts the envelope again. Volt actually is a decrement for the most part. It takes much longer to clear most screens with volt. The only time it is good is if you have sentinels or creating bricks, etc, that volt does not trigger. Glacial is the kiss of death most times. It is agony having to hit each brick twice (only useful to clear things that don't break). Why is Kamikaze bad? It still kills all the bricks, so what if it is 1 at a time?

I also see no downside to the twinner. Starting with 2 asphalt balls absolutely rocks! So what if I have to let 1 drop after a while? It is still better than multi-ball since it does not speed the balls up. And a little trick for those that almost always lose 1of the twinner balls right after launch... start the first ball by slowly moving your envelope off the screen until the first ball launches. You can then launch the second ball any time you want, or wait for it to launch itself after a while.

LayzAyzn said

at 1:48 am on Nov 22, 2009

1] There is no discussion in the article; all of the discussion should be in the comments. [This may seem redundant and picky, but it's important that all opinions and bias (although, hopefully, there is no bias) be in the comments, with only objectivity in the article]

2a] The reason that Control, XanAX, and Flame [The Flame power-up slows down the drilling balls, but obviously not as much as Xanax] are listed is because they all deal with control of the drilling ball, and better control with a better drilling ball will mean more than the same amount of control, but with a worse drilling ball.
2b] The statement was not meant to argue whether the Asphalt Ball is better than those powerups (Volt/Glacial/Kamikaze)--it was meant to argue that the Asphalt Ball's effects would be cancelled out by those (potentially) helpful powerups, so compared to ESCorp members with the OX-Delta Drilling Ball who will utilize those powerups, the Asphalt Ball may not seem very appealing.
2c] The statement was not meant to imply that Kamikaze is bad or should be ignored; see 2b.

3] The statement is NOT arguing that the Saumir's Twinner has a downside. The statement is arguing that the Saumir's Twinner may not be COMPLETELY useful, and that it is likely that a person will not be able to ALWAYS keep both beginning drilling balls in play.

decisa said

at 2:54 am on Nov 22, 2009

uhm.. *scratch* I never noticed that Flame slows the ball down.. It always seemed to me that it actually speeds it up just a little bit, as well as Multiply.
Volt is really good for levels with sentinels.. it adds some time for drones to finish their work.
Glacial is veeery helpful for levels with lots of Unbreakable Bricks(especially when there's just only one or two spots for a regular ball to come through)

but one of the most pleasing things about Asphalt Ball is : those annoying Purple Regeneration Bricks are no longer an obstacle .

decisa said

at 3:02 am on Nov 22, 2009

oh .. here's one more bug with the asphalt ball :

Factory brick was at the very top of the screen. I had Asphalt+Halo Ball and when it tried to hit the factory brick (bouncing from top of the screen) it crashed the application :( probably it didn't know how to react on that :)

Big Knight said

at 4:24 am on Nov 22, 2009

I do not understand how "negating" the asphalt balls effects is any kind of reason (or logic) not to get a ball that is so much better in effectiveness than the ball it replaces. Also that statement sounds to me like an opinion, not a fact.

Flame has absolutely no impact on the asphalt ball except changing the look of the ball. There is essentially no slowing down of the ball unless you have a slow CPU and GPU. A reasonably fast one does not slow it down. On my old (slow) computer, flame would noticeably slow down the ball. That was before I had asphalt. My old computer used to slow down muti-balls also. Not speed them up like my current computer.

LayzAyzn said

at 6:38 am on Nov 22, 2009

@decisa: I added in your note.

@Big Knight
I don't feel that I'm being clear.

Suppose that one has the OX-Delta Drilling Ball.
And suppose that having a Volt OX-Delta Drilling Ball would be +1 in terms of value (compared to the original powerup-less OX-Delta Drilling Ball).
And now suppose having an Asphalt Drilling Ball would be +3 in terms of value (compared to the original powerup-less OX-Delta Drilling Ball).
So as it is,
Powerup-less OX-Delta: 0
Volt OX-Delta: 1
Powerup-less: Asphalt: 3

Where an OX-Delta would benefit from the Volt Powerup (gain '1'), The Asphalt Ball would not gain from acquiring a Volt Powerup.
Now, from these assumptions, it is evident that the Powerup-less Asphalt is better than the Volt OX-Delta, and even moreso than a Powerup-less OX-Delta.
The point, however, is that the jump from a Powerup-less OX-Delta to a Powerup-less Asphalt (0 to 3, a difference of '3') may encourage someone to shift over to FURI, but the jump from a Volt OX-Delta to a Powerup-less Asphalt (1 to 3, a difference of 'TWO'), may NOT be enough to encourage someone to shift over to FURI.

These are not facts, but arguments (not necessarily with an opinion) in support of a position.

@both decisa & Big Knight
The Powerups page notes that Flame slows the ball down, and I have also noticed this (albeit slightly), yet perhaps not everyone experiences this, so I have edited the page to note that it only helps some people.

LayzAyzn said

at 11:06 am on Jan 25, 2010

According this thread -- http://www.alphabounce.com/forum/thread/86189 , Flame actually has even more of an effect on the Asphalt Ball.

I've also added/edited more information.

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