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The Envelope

by alexburlton



Basic Information

"Envelope" is the name given to your spaceship, in which you travel around the universe. The envelope is what you use in levels to 'drill' using your drilling ball, and is controlled either by the mouse or through keyboard controls. The envelope has the ability to fire missiles, as well as housing drones and even passengers you can transport across the universe.


Your envelope has a Generator and a Radar, which between them allow you to travel across the universe. Both of these can be upgraded by various means to make travelling long distances quicker and easier. The Generators are bought from merchants, whilst the upgrades to the Radar are achieved through completing various missions.


Spare Envelopes

  • Ways to gain spare envelopes
    • Upon beginning Alphabounce, you have 3 spare envelopes on top of the one you begin each level with. This means that during levels, you will have 3 extra lives.
    • After you complete the "Distress Call" Mission, you will receive another extra life. (If you have not received it yet, play a couple of levels to trigger the "In His Last Breath" Mission.)
    • A spare envelope can be bought from various Merchants.
    • A spare envelope can be acquired by completing the "Invasion" Mission.
    • The spare envelope that Salmeen uses to convert into Landing Pods will be returned to you when you deliver Salmeen to his home planet in the mission "Khorlan: Salmeen's Planet".
    • One other method of receiving an extra envelope is through your first payment transaction at the Interstellar Bank.




Envelope Length

There are a possible 4 lengths your envelope can be (before beginning a level):


    • Your envelope will be this size if you are no longer an ESCorp member and have not yet completed the Red Lycans mission.


    • This is your envelope's size upon starting Alphabounce anew.
    • This is also how your envelope will look like if you have completed the Red Lycans mission, but are no longer an ESCorp member.


    • Your envelope will be this size if you are an ESCorp member and have completed either the Red Lycans mission or ESCorp's final mission, but not both of them (this size is exclusive to ESCorp).


    • Your envelope will be this size if you have completed both the Red Lycans mission and ESCorp's final mission (thus, this size is also exclusive to ESCorp).


Item Upgrades

There are various upgrades for your envelope. The Zonkerian Medallion is another upgrade which directly affects your envelope to become quicker and more responsive on Spignysos.


Your envelope can accomodate drones, which can be bought from merchants, as well as the various upgrades for these drones again available through merchants. The envelope can also fire missiles, which are found at abandoned missile locations.



Transport Missions

In transport missions, you find aliens on planet surfaces and transport them to a desired location for some form of reward (minerals, hydrogen capsules or both). When transporting a passenger, one of your 'spare' envelopes is used up until they are dropped off at their destination, and as such during levels while transporting people you will not have as many extra lives as your envelopes are being used. Consequently, it is a good idea to plan when you are going to take transport missions, and to be wary of taking too many in case levels become too difficult with few lives.



There is currently [as of 11/20/2009] a bug on FURI members' profiles; the appearance of their Envelope length is not decreased. However, during gameplay, the length of the envelope is shortened, as it supposed to be.


A common misconception is that by going past the Karbonis Belt early (before doing 52 ESCorp Zone Cleanups), you will lose the extension given to you from the Red Lycans mission. This is incorrect. Your envelope size will be reduced by '1' whether you have completed the Red Lycans mission or not.

Comments (3)

Nukedoom said

at 4:02 am on May 20, 2008

Can anyone find a picture of an envelope just so people are clear as to what it is? In the past, many questions have been raised as to what an envelope is and I believe an image would greatly help clear up any confusion.

alexburlton said

at 1:46 pm on May 20, 2008

yeah that's probably a good idea.

Joozey said

at 7:32 pm on May 20, 2008

Ait, I'll photoshop one.

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