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Drones (Item)

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by alexburlton 



Drones are available pretty early in the game and, initially, provide simply a way to remove sentinels in levels. More information about sentinels can be found on the bricks page. Drones work by disassembling the sentinels and converting them into ordinary bricks. The drones crawl over the brick in the level as shown:



Drone behaviour

Drones act completely independently and so do not need to be controlled by the player. They are released from your envelope every time the ball hits it until there are no more drones left. Drones will only release if there is something in the level they can work on. Initially, drones 'jump' (see image below) and latch onto sentinels, where they crawl over them for a while eventually turning them into a regular brick. Multiple drones can latch on to the same brick at the same time, doubling the rate at which their action is carried out.









In addition to this purpose, drones can also harvest minerals on the surface of planets when you land, but only those close to where your envelope touches down. There are four upgrades which change this behaviour slightly, either by improving general performance or by making the drones more versatile. The four upgrades are as follows:


  • Collector                  

Drones can now also collect minerals for you. The drones will automatically target sentinels first, but if all sentinels have been converted or if there are none in the level then your drones will start harvesting minerals for you.


  • Converter                 

Drones now convert sentinels into mineral bricks rather than regular bricks.


  • Perforation Tools      

Drones now convert bricks faster, allowing them to work through all the sentinels and/or minerals in a level at a far greater pace.


  • Reactor Support      

This upgrade means that the drones move faster when 'jumping' from brick to brick, initially they jump quite slowly and in a loopy fashion.



For information about where to buy these upgrades, as well as where to buy drones, visit the Merchants Page.



General Advice

Drones don't become important until you reach the "Invasion" mission, because the levels on Balixt contain many sentinels. From this point on drones become invaluable as you venture further out in the universe and encounter other types of sentinels. It is a recommended strategy to buy two drones first, and then buy the perforation tools, as this way is the best economically and in terms of performance. Two drones without perforation tools>One drone with perforation tools.

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