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Drilling License (Mission)

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Drilling License

By alexburlton


Drilling License is a very early mission. You will notice now that you are able to click on squares adjacent to your position in order to move there. Clicking on another square starts the level, and once you beat it your envelope moves to that space. The three licenses mentioned in the mission text have appeared on your screen in certain squares, now you have to inch your way towards them. When you reach one of the three important squares, there will be a special brick in the level – once you have smashed this with your ball you must collect the license as it falls – if you miss it you’ll have to move away and go back to the square to do the level again. That said, this really should not be a difficult mission.


Mission Image/Text

In order to obtain your mining license and win your first drilling ball, you will have to collect all 3 license levels located around your position.

Be sure not to leave the mission zone, the presence of ferrous conglomerates will prevent any attempt of escaping.



Mission Clear Text

Well done, you now possess a classic RCD-20 drilling ball. From now on, ferrous conglomerates can be destroyed.




How to unlock mission: Complete the ESCorp Entry Test mission.

How to complete mission: Retrieve the Alpha License from [0][-1], the Beta License from [2][1], and the Ceta License from [-1][1].

Reward: You earn the RCD-20 drilling ball (), allowing you to break ferrous conglomerates.



The Three Drilling Licenses


Remember you can only move to adjacent squares, it may be worth planning your route to pick up the three licenses within as few turns as possible.

DON'T try to go outside the mission zone - like the mission text suggests, you will be blocked if you do. The levels immediately outside the mission zone have a wall of brown "ferrous congolmerates" which your current drilling ball cannot destroy, preventing you from hitting the bricks above. As such, these levels cannot be beaten until after you have obtained the three licenses, so it would be a waste of Hydrogen Capsules to attempt going there.

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