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Distress Call (Mission)

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Distress Call

By alexburlton


Distress Call is a mission that requires you to travel to the given coordinates. Just reach [4][-4] and beat the level, and you will have completed this mission. This is just a regular level, no ? brick to worry about.



Mission Image/Text

The envelope has detected a distress call coming from area [4][-4]. It seems the signal has been sent from a standard prison envelope.



Mission Clear Text

Thank you my friend, I owe you one. My name is Douglas. It's been nearly a century since I've been transferred by ESCorp to a planet named Samosa, located a few eons from here.

I am now too old to have any hope of finding my way to Earth, let me follow you, I have 5 SHC, you can have them.




How to unlock mission: Complete the Drilling License mission.

How to complete mission: Clear the sector at [4][-4].

Reward: Douglas gives you 5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules. Also see: In his last breath

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