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D-Tritus (Planet)

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Planet D-Tritus 

By LayzAyzn



In-game description

Dump planet where great monsters reside. They are organized in society and live by operating a planet in another galaxy. The technology that allows them to travel so far is still unknown. 



The center of D-Tritus is located at [246][-45] to [247][-44]. The planet has a diameter of 4 sectors, and is comprised of 16 levels.

A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: D-Tritus map   



FURI Supporters

The following table lists the details of any FURI Supporters that can be found on D-Tritus.


Coordinates Reward for FURI/Interstellar Fugitives

7 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


70 Minerals 

[248][-43] 4 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


PID Pieces

The following piece of the PID Map can be found on D-Tritus:

B7 @ [247][-46] for 1688 minerals



Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on D-Tritus can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[245][-46] Moltear 0 0 faction split, 370 sectors



Full scaled view



The planet D-Tritus is also featured in CroqueMonster - another game by Motion Twin. The monsters travel to planet Earth using teleports - which is the answer to the question in description of the planet.

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teacas said

at 8:32 pm on Aug 11, 2014

It is full parasite bricks... more on how to play with them on this page http://alphabounce.pbworks.com/w/page/12313422/Brick%20types

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