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Ciloriles Guards (Mission)

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Cilorile's Guards

by SmokEr


This is the second dedicated ESCorp mission you receive.


Mission Image/Text


Attention, prisoner [name]! I am Colonel Pleriot, in charge of the federation's terrestrial bomber squad. To go on in their experiments, our scientists need a rare explosive substance: kualan. We have detected a high concentration of this mineral in planet Cilorile's atmosphere. Help us collect all of the kualan from this planet's atmosphere by exploring 100% of it's surface. If you manage to do so, the army will give you a nice reward!


Mission Clear Text

Congratulations, prisoner [name], we have transferred the new FORA 7R-Z mine's model synthesis program to your envelope. It will be automatically synthesized on a conglomerate when you reach a mining area.



How to unlock mission: Complete 58 Zone Cleanup Missions.

How to complete mission: Complete all sectors of Cilorile.

Reward:  You will receive your first FORA 7R-Z Mine (), and the ability to purchase the remaining 3 from merchants.



Bricks with FORA 7R-Z Mines on them do not count as regular bricks. Thus, it is not necessary to drill through them to complete the level (although doing so generally helps to clear other bricks nearby).

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