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Chagarina (Planet)

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Planet Chagarina  

By LayzAyzn



In-game description

A limestone planet which died a few milleniums ago. Its advanced crystalization and its location far away in the Zonkerian system make it a premium destination for the miners.



The center of Chagarina is located at [-321][-575] to [-320][-574]. The planet has a diameter of 8 sectors, and is comprised of 52 levels.

A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMapChagarina map


PID Pieces

The following pieces of the PID Map can be found on Chagarina:

C5 @ [-323][-575] for 2565 minerals

C6 @ [-320][-577] for 3372 minerals


Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Chagarina can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[-319][-571] [-83][16] 9392 85 faction split, 823 sectors


Full scaled view

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