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By Lavos and Joozey


Capsules are special items that you can purchase from some merchants. They help you induce the effects that you normally would achieve only from powerups. To use a capsule, pause the game during a level (press either P or Escape) and the capsules you are holding will be shown. Simply click on the one you wish to use, and it will be activated immediately. Also, you can press Enter (without pausing) to use the right-most capsule showing in the bottom-right corner, by the missile display. Once a capsule is used, you must buy a new one before you can use its effect once more.


Note that you may hold only one of each capsule color at a time, so use them wisely!


The 4 Types

There are 4 types of capsules all performing different actions when you use them. The list below describes them all in detail.    


Volt Capsule (yellow) 

The Volt Capsule works similar to a [V] powerup upon using it. All of your balls will change into a volt ball. You are advised to use this when you have many balls at once flying through your screen and are in a level full of hard bricks. These are generally sold for 20-45 Minerals.


Fire Capsule (red) 

The Fire Capsule works similar to an [F] powerup upon using it. All of your balls will change into a fire ball. It is best to use it when there are many brown bricks in the level, and it's not likely that you will receive another fire powerup. These are generally sold for 10-30 Minerals.


Ice Capsule (blue) 

The Ice Capsule works similar to a [G] powerup upon using it. All of your balls will change into an ice ball. When the level consists of steel bricks, or obstructive bricks, such as death, laser or reducines, this capsule could come in handy. Be aware that helpful bricks will be destroyed as well, including crucial mission objective bricks. These are generally sold for 20-45 Minerals.


Black Hole Capsule (also known as Quasar Capsule) (purple) 

The Black Hole Capsule works similar to a [Q] powerup upon using it. A black hole will appear in the middle of the screen, sucking away any bricks in range. Great in dense, tough levels, but less pleasant when there are loads of minerals or mission bricks, as they, too, will be lost. These are the most expensive capsules, generally being sold for 25-75 Minerals.

Comments (5)

JohnAtMC said

at 12:59 pm on Jun 7, 2009

Does pressing Enter (without pausing) use the left-most capsule, or the right-most capsule, when you have more than one?

Ashvio said

at 9:20 pm on Jun 8, 2009

the right-most one

JohnAtMC said

at 12:23 pm on Jun 9, 2009

Thank you, Ashvio. (I added a sentence to mention this way of activating capsules.)

Also, do you know if they always appear (in the corner) in a certain order?

Ashvio said

at 9:49 pm on Jun 9, 2009

i dont know i just saw the answer for your other question in the forum- ask it over there

Melovena said

at 5:55 am on Apr 28, 2011

Thx for the useful facts...It's pain in the ash when I am going through lv.s with "death bricks"

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