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Black Holes

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By magicsnake0



Wormholes are spread through out the Alphabounce universe. They will take you from one place to another and visa-versa. Travelling through a wormhole does not cost any fuel, and so it is possible to hop back and forth between two coordinates as much as you like (though this achieves no beneficial purpose). Wormholes are not marked in the universe, and so finding them intentionally is not possible without the use of third party maps or the table below.


This video shows a wormhole being used to return near to the origin:


All Known Sets of Wormholes

[-230][1] & [5][-61]

[-106][54] & [62][-142]

[-85][-232] & [-19][143]

[-9][-7] & [48][23]

[121][-50] & [334][-162] 



Wormhole Convenience

[-230][1] is near the blue star.

[-106][54] is in between Holovan and Moltear (closer to Moltear but outside of the Karbonis Belt).

[-85][-232] is north of Douriv and northeast of Volcer (though both planets are fairly far away).

[-19][143] is about halfway in between Holovan and Nalikors, and south of Pofiak (outside of the Karbonis Belt).

[-9][-7] is just north of Soupaline.

[5][-61] is northeast of Balixt.

[48][23] is in between Lycans and Senegarde (closer to Lycans).

[62][-142] is northwest of Grimorn.

[121][-50] is northeast of Cilorile in the middle of the Karbonis Belt (D-Tritus is directly east, but fairly far).

[334][-162] is southeast of Khorlan and northeast of D-Tritus (though both planets are fairly far away).

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magicsnake0, please read the page on writing articles if you are unsure about the rules of making pages ^^

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