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Balixt (Planet)

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  Planet Balixt   

    By alexburlton


Balixt is a planet north and a bit west of the origin point. It is a barren planet of moderate size. Balixt is one of the most notorious early planets for its difficulty, with it being abundant in reducines - a type of sentinel that shrink your envelope when they are hit. Balixt by itself isn't actually too difficult, but due to the "Invasion" mission appearing quite early players often go there without being properly prepared, and so it is advised that before travelling to Balixt you have several drones, as well as extra lives to ensure your survival on its levels. The MAS-Z missiles received in the mission "MAS-Z and Antimatter" also help in destroying the reducines but are not a necessity.


Landing on Balixt is also tricky - there aren't really any obstacles on its surface but the gravity is very strong making it difficult to land without crashing. It is advised that you get a strong generator before trying to land much here:


Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: d9a96737ffcc4556be368cefe0a8d461


In-game Description

Home planet of a highly technologically advanced extraterrestrial race. Being quite xenophobic, Balixteans have posted sentinels all through and around their territory, and will not tolerate any intrusions.



The center of Balixt is located at [-10][-40] to [-9][-39]. The planet has a diameter of 10 sectors, and is comprised of 88 levels.

A full exploration map of the planet can be found at Moneymaker1's MineMap: Balixt Map




The following missions take place on Balixt or involve it in some way:




Balixt has a merchant shop located in the planet's southern hemisphere at [-9][-37]. The merchant sells the following items:


Fire Capsule for 20

Lightning Capsule for 30

Extra Missile #1 for 100

Solid Hydrogen Capsule for 160

Collector for 2224

Supporting Drone (#2) for 2400

Supporting Drone (#3) for 4000

Supporting Drone (#4) for 6500

Supporting Drone (#5) for 10000

Supporting Drone (#6) for 14600

Supporting Drone (#9) for 38400


FURI Supporters

The following table lists the details of any FURI Supporters that can be found on Balixt.


Coordinates Reward for FURI/Interstellar Fugitives

5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


104 Minerals 

[-12][-39] 5 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-12][-36] 47 Minerals 
[-12][-35] 3 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-10][-41] 129 Minerals 
[-8][-44] 3 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 
[-6][-40] 7 Solid Hydrogen Capsules 


PID Pieces

The following pieces of the PID Map can be found on Balixt:

E1 @ [-14][-38] for 4004 Minerals

F4 @ [-9][-43] for 3197 Minerals


Transport Missions

Details of Transport Missions that begin on Balixt can be found below:


Alien's Coordinates

Minerals SHC Distance
[-14][-41] D-Tritus 4437   faction split, 261 sectors
[-13][-43] [-45][65] 864   140 sectors
[-13][-40] Samosa 4675   faction split, 542 sectors
[-11][-42] [-100][-34] 445 4 faction split, 97 sectors
[-10][-44] [-20][-47] 150   13 sectors
[-9][-41] Lycans 330   53 sectors
[-8][-43] Pofiak 1152   134 sectors
[-7][-40] [-88][-62] 486   faction split, 103 sectors
[-7][-35] Nalikors 2820   faction split, 258 sectors
[-5][-40] Soupaline 779   40 sectors 


Full scaled view



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